Selected critical examples of scientometric publication analysis

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Objective: This paper selects and outlines factors of central importance in the calculation, presentation and interpretation of publication analysis results from a scientometric perspective. The paper focuses on growth, world share analyses and the logic behind the computation of average numbers of authors,
institutions or countries per publication indexed by Web of Science.
Methodology: The paper uses examples from earlier research evaluation studies and cases based on online data to describe issues, problematic details, pitfalls and how to overcome them in publication analysis with respect to analytic tool application, calculation, presentation and interpretation.
Results: By means of different kinds of analysis and presentation, the paper provides insight into scientometrics in the context of informetric analysis, selected cases of research productivity, publication patterns and research trends in the fields of renewable energy and wind power during different periods of history.
ArtikelnummerIngwersen 3
TidsskriftB i D. Textos Universitaris de Biblioteconomia i Documentacio
Udgave nummerJune
Antal sider6
StatusUdgivet - 21 jun. 2014

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