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Thomas K. Kristensen

Thomas K. Kristensen

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  • Sektion, Parasitology and Aquatic Pathobiology

    Grønnegårdsvej 15

    1870 Frederiksberg C

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TKK is biologist, specialized in marine biology and malacology fromUniversityofCopenhagen. MSc from University ofCopenhagen, Faculty of Natural Sciences 1975; Ph.D. (Lic. Scient.) fromUniversityofCopenhagen,NaturalHistoryMuseum, in Malacology 1980. Has been employed at DBL (Danish Bilharziasis Laboratory) since 1981 and is currently employed as head of The Mandahl-Barth Research Centre for Biodiversity and Health, DBL. Adjunct professor at the Institute of Ecology, the Faculty of Life Science, University of Copenhagen 2004 - 09. Fellow of the Linnean Society inLondon. Since August 2011 Honorray Research Fellow at the School of Biological & Conservation Sciences,University of KwaZulu Natal,South Africa. He has been Coordinator for a multidisciplinary EU funded project, CONTRAST, including 14 partners in 11 countries, 7 of which are African 2006 - 2010. He is President for the Global Network for Geospatial Health and member of the Science Committee of GBIF, Global Biodiversity Information Facility. TKK has been responsible for the IUCN_SAIAB Southern African Freshwater Biodiversity assessment Project: Molluscs, 2005/6 and for the corresponding West African Assessment also 2005/6. TKK is co-editor of Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene supplement entitled: "Control of schistosomiasis in sub-SaharanAfrica" published in 2009, the special issue of Acta Tropica on CONTRAST results to be published 2012and regional editor of the international journal: GEOSPATAL HEALTH. TKK has organized a number of international conferences, workshops and symposiums in three different continents. Research interests TKK has a keen interest in biodiversity, evolution and distribution of African Freshwater snails with special reference to the relationship between biodiversity and health viz. snail borne diseases. Description and modeling of snail distribution and distribution of snail borne diseases based on climate data retrieved by satellite and analyzed by geographic information systems, GIS and Remote sensing. Field studies have been conducted in the following countries:Cameroon,Gabon,Rwanda,Burundi,Ethiopia,Liberia,Gambia,Senegal,Tunisia,Algeria,Morocco,Kenya,Sudan,Tanzania,Uganda,Zimbabwe,Mozambique andZambia.

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