The genetic prehistory of the New World Arctic

Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

Maanasa Raghavan, Michael DeGiorgio, Anders Albrechtsen, Ida Moltke, Pontus Skoglund, Thorfinn Sand Korneliussen, Bjarne Grønnow, Martin Appelt, Hans Christian Gulløv, T Max Friesen, William Fitzhugh, Helena Susanne Malmström, Simon Rasmussen, Jesper Olsen, Linea Cecilie Melchior, Benjamin T Fuller, Simon M Fahrni, Thomas Stafford jr., Vaughan Grimes, M A Priscilla Renouf & 36 andre Jerome Cybulski, Niels Lynnerup, Marta Mirazon Lahr, Kate Britton, Rick Knecht, Jette Arneborg, Mait Metspalu, Omar E Cornejo, Anna Sapfo Malaspinas, Yong Wang, Morten Rasmussen, Vibha Raghavan, Thomas van Overeem Hansen, Elza Khusnutdinova, Tracey Lynn Pierre, Kirill Dneprovsky, Claus Andreasen, Hans Lange, M Geoffrey Hayes, Joan Coltrain, Victor A Spitsyn, Anders Götherström, Ludovic Antoine Alexandre Orlando, Toomas Kivisild, Richard Villems, Michael H Crawford, Finn Cilius Nielsen, Jørgen Dissing, Jan Heinemeier, Morten Meldgaard, Carlos Bustamante, Dennis H O'Rourke, Mattias Jakobsson, M Thomas P Gilbert, Rasmus Nielsen, Eske Willerslev

The New World Arctic, the last region of the Americas to be populated by humans, has a relatively well-researched archaeology, but an understanding of its genetic history is lacking. We present genome-wide sequence data from ancient and present-day humans from Greenland, Arctic Canada, Alaska, Aleutian Islands, and Siberia. We show that Paleo-Eskimos (~3000 BCE to 1300 CE) represent a migration pulse into the Americas independent of both Native American and Inuit expansions. Furthermore, the genetic continuity characterizing the Paleo-Eskimo period was interrupted by the arrival of a new population, representing the ancestors of present-day Inuit, with evidence of past gene flow between these lineages. Despite periodic abandonment of major Arctic regions, a single Paleo-Eskimo metapopulation likely survived in near-isolation for more than 4000 years, only to vanish around 700 years ago.

Udgave nummer6200
Antal sider9
StatusUdgivet - 2014

ID: 125945777