Inter-Scan Reproducibility of Carotid Plaque Volume Measurements by 3-D Ultrasound

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Benjamin V Sandholt, Antoine Collet-Billon, Robert Entrekin, Henrik H Sillesen

We tested a novel 3-D matrix transducer with respect to inter-scan reproducibility of carotid maximum plaque thickness (MPT) and volume measurements. To improve reproducibility while focusing on the largest plaque/most diseased part of the carotid artery, we introduced a new partial plaque volume (PPV) measure centered on MPT. Total plaque volume (TPV), PPV from a 10-mm segment and MPT were measured using dedicated semi-automated software on 38 plaques from 26 patients. Inter-scan reproducibility was assessed using the t-test, Bland-Altman plots and Pearson's correlation coefficient. There was a mean difference of 0.01 mm in MPT (limits of agreement: -0.45 to 0.42 mm, Pearson's correlation coefficient: 0.96). Both volume measurements exhibited high reproducibility, with PPV being superior (limits of agreement: -35.3 mm3 to 33.5 mm3, Pearson's correlation coefficient: 0.96) to TPV (limits of agreement: -88.2 to 61.5 mm3, Pearson's correlation coefficient: 0.91). The good reproducibility revealed by the present results encourages future studies on establishing plaque quantification as part of cardiovascular risk assessment and for follow-up of disease progression over time.

TidsskriftUltrasound in Medicine & Biology
Udgave nummer3
Sider (fra-til)670-676
StatusUdgivet - 2018

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