Ylva Hellsten

Ylva Hellsten


  • Integrativ Fysiologi

    Nørre Allé 51, 2200 København N, August Krogh Bygningen, Universitetsparken 13, 2100 Københav, Bygning: 2 sal

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Education and positions

2009           Professor MSO, Dept. of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, University of Copenhagen

2009           Research management course, Copenhagen Business School

1994           Associate Professor, Dept. of Exercise and Sport Sciences,

                   University of Copenhagen

1993           Post-Doc, August Krogh Institute, University of Copenhagen

1993           Dr.Med.Sci, Department of Physiology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

1987           Bachelor of Arts, Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, USA


Other academic affiliations/duties

Member of Copenhagen Muscle Research Centre (CMRC) financed by The Danish National Research Foundation (1994-2004).

Member of the Scientific Board of The European College of Sports Science

Member of the Research Council of The  Danish Ministry of Culture

Reviewing Editor for Journal of Physiology



Peer-reviewed articles: 105

Reviews and book chapters: 9


Proceedings: ~70


Language proficiency

Fluent in Swedish, Danish, English, German and Italian. Understanding of French and Spanish.


Publications in 2013


Gliemann L, Nyberg M, Hellsten Y.Nitric oxide and reactive oxygen species in limb vascular function: what is the effect of physical activity? Free Radic Res. 2013 [ePub ahead of print]


Gliemann L, Schmidt JF, Olesen J, Biensø RS, Peronard SL, Grandjean SU, Mortensen SP, Nyberg M, Bangsbo J, Pilegaard H, Hellsten Y. Resveratrol Blunts the Positive Effects of Exercise Training on Cardiovascular Health in Aged Men. J Physiol. 2013 Aug 19 [ePub ahead of print]


Hoier B, Prats C, Qvortrup K, Pilegaard H, Bangsbo J, Hellsten Y. Subcellular localization and mechanism of secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor in human skeletal muscle. FASEB J. 2013 May 24 [ePub ahead of print]


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Nyberg M, Al-Khazraji BK, Mortensen SP, Jackson DN, Ellis CG, Hellsten Y.Effect of extraluminal ATP application on vascular tone and blood flow in skeletal muscle: implications for exercise hyperemia. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 305(3):R281-90, 2013.


Christensen PM, Nyberg M, Mortensen SP, Nielsen JJ, Secher NH, Damsgaard R, Hellsten Y, Bangsbo J. Leg oxygen uptake in the initial phase of intense exercise is slowed by a marked reduction in oxygen delivery. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol.  305(3):R313-21, 2013.


Mortensen SP, Svendsen JH, Ersbøll M, Hellsten Y, Secher NH, Saltin B. Skeletal muscle signaling and the heart rate and blood pressure response to exercise: insight from heart rate pacing during exercise with a trained and a deconditioned muscle group. Hypertension. 61(5):1126-33, 2013.


Nyberg M, Mortensen S and Hellsten Y. Physical activity opposes the age-related increase in skeletal muscle and plasma endothelin-1 levels and normalizes plasma endothelin-1 levels in individuals with essential hypertension. Acta Physiol 207 (3): 524-35, 2013.


Hoier B, Passos M, Bangsbo J, Hellsten Y. Intense intermittent exercise provides weak stimulus for VEGF secretion and capillary growth in skeletal muscle. Exp Physiol. 98(2):585-97, 2013.


Heinonen I, Saltin B, Kemppainen J, Nuutila P, Knuuti J, Kalliokoski K, Hellsten Y. Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibition on the exchange of glucose and fatty acids in human skeletal muscle. Nutr Metab (Lond). 10(1):43, 2013.


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