Marie Bruvik Heinskou

Marie Bruvik Heinskou

Ekstern lektor


Dr. Marie Bruvik Heinskou is part time lecturer at Departmet of Political Science, University of Copenhagen and Comissioning Editori at Hans Reitzels Publishing House, Copenhagen.

She has been associate professor of Sociology at Aalborg University 2017-2018 and assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen from 2010-2017. She has been coordinator  of the research group of Culture and Civil Society at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen and she has worked within the research field of culture, sexuality, embodiment, violence and sex work  for the past 10 years. She gained her PhD in Sociology from University of Copenhagen in 2010.

Marie has published on issues such as reported street viloence, violence, rape, sexual health prevention, female sex tourism, prostitution, criminal masculinities and methodologies in contested fields with a particular emphasis on violence and emotional transgressions, gender and sexuality.

Marie’s research is led by a concern to understand gender trouble and changes with a focus on embodied conflicts. She has been engaged in understanding how the identity of and interplay between victim and offender often is complex reflecting shifting positions of power. During her research she has developed a profound expertise within sociological micro analysis. Her research is theoretically informed by feminist and queer traditions with a materialist and spacial orientation, though also covering a wide range of classical sociological theory.

Her PhD on reported rape in Denmark was drawing on extensive research in filed police cases on rape. In 2012 her work was included in the recommendation of the advisory board of the criminal law in Denmark.

Current involvement

Currently Marie is Commissioning Editor of social science and humanities at Hans Reitzels Publishing House/Gyldendal, while she is still teaching sociology at the Department of Political Science and publishing research and analysis of violence and sexual violence.



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