Marie Bruvik Heinskou

Marie Bruvik Heinskou

Ekstern lektor

Overview and Research projects

Appointed by the Minister of Justice to the comission "Jusititsminiteriets Forskningspolitiske Nævn" (2016 -)

Principle Investigator on 'Sexual Transgressions in Denmark' (Funded by the Danish Council of Crime Prevention. 2016-2017, 950.000,-)

A qualitative examination of handling stolen goods, PI (Bevilling fra 'Det Kriminalpræventive Råd' 2016, 300.000,-)

Violence in the Street - Violence of the Street, Co-PI (Bevilling fra Velux Humanvidenskabelige satsning 2014-2017, 5,9 mill)

Transnational transactions - transnational sexualities (Bevilling fra FSE 2010- 2013, 1,8 mill)

En kompleks affære - anmeldte voldtægter i Danmark (Internt stipendium fra KU 2005-2010) 


Dr. Marie Bruvik Heinskou has been an assistant professor at the Department of Sociology, University of Copenhagen since 2010. She is a conveanor of the research group of Culture and Civil Society at the Department of Sociology and she has worked within the field of culture, sexuality, embodiment, violence and sex work for the past 10 years. She gained her PhD in Sociology from University of Copenhagen in 2010. Marie has published on issues such as reported rape, femininities, night life, sexual health prevention, female sex tourism, prostitution, criminal masculinities and methodologies in contested fields with a particular emphasis on emotional transgressions, gender and sexuality.

Marie’s research is led by a concern to understand gender trouble and changes with a focus on embodied conflicts. She has been engaged in understanding how the identity of and interplay between victim and offender often is complex reflecting shifting positions of power. During her research she has developed a profound expertise within sociological micro analysis. Her research is theoretically informed by feminist and queer traditions with a materialist and spacial orientation, though also covering a wide range of classical sociological theory.

Her PhD on reported rape in Denmark was drawing on extensive research in filed police cases on rape. In 2012 her work was included in the recommendation of the advisory board of the criminal law in Denmark.

Since 2010 Marie has done research in female sex tourism with field work in West Africa and the Caribbean. Developing her insight in to the sociological field of sexuality and femininity, she has shown that sexual transactions are transnational and part of complex emotional social relations that both men and women tend to engage.

Currently she is granted three years of research by the Velux foundation to research in the dynamics of street violence in Denmark. She will continue her work and theoretical development into sociological micro analysis. Drawing on Randall Collins theory on Violence, her aim is to grasp street violence in a situational perspective focusing on the spacial and interactional dynamics of the situation within the frame of cultural criminology. The researh project 'Violence in the Street - Violence of the Street' is based on a mutimethodological approach (using police files and footage from CCTV) and Marie has the main responsibility for the qualitative part of the research project. Marie is a Co-Pi on the project and togheter with Lasse Liebst, Poul Poder and Charlotte Bloch the project received 5,9 mill by the Velux foundation in 2014.

In June 2016 she was appointed as principal investigator on the research project 'Sexual trangressions in Denmark', funded by the Danish Council of Crime Prevention.


 Her recent publications ‘Sexuality in transit’ and ‘The Narrative of Masculinity in False Reports of Rape – Victimization and the Question of Criminal Masculinities ’ (2014) reflects her knowledge on the complexities of rape, while her chapter ‘Forførelse og fordom’ (2013) reflects the demanding methodologies required for studying female sex tourism and sexuality in general. Her chapter ‘Køn og samfund’ (2013) is a broad introductory to the theories of feminism related to the history of gender and modern society.

Marie has taken part in interviews, public debates and repeatedly contributed to both printed and online newpapers and magazines. Between 2011-2013 she was a regular columnist of the Danish newspaper Information.

She teaches MA-level as well as BA-level courses in Sociological theory, Advanced qualitative methods, Sociology of culture and Feminist theory.

Primary fields of research

  • Research frame: Criminology, sociology of culture, qualitative methods, methodology
  • Research topics: Intimacy, trust, embodiment, rape, violence, prostitution, sexualities, visual methods 

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