Lisette Kogelman

Lisette Kogelman

In 2011 I finished my Master in Animal Science at Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands. During my master, I focussed on 'adaptation fysiology' and 'breeding and genetics'. After my master, I started my PhD at the University of Copenhagen in the "Quantitative Genetics, Systems Biology and Animal Breeding" group, with the title "Discovering Causal Genes, Networks and Pathways for Obesity and Obesity Related diseases using the pig as a model"

The main objectives of my PhD are the estimation of genetic parameters in the F2 pig resource population, analysing genotype data (GWAS and network approach) and analysing RNA-Sequencing data of a subset of the animals. The novel and unique aspect of this project will be to integrate those datasets at different levels of biological organisation: from genome through transcriptome to phenome. 


Animal breeding and genetics, Systems genetics, Next-Generation Sequencing, Genotyping, Human diseases, Obesity, Animal production

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    Systems genetics of obesity in an F2 pig model by genome-wide association, genetic network and pathway analyses

    Kogelman, L., Pant, S. D., Fredholm, M. & Kadarmideen, H., 2014, I : Frontiers in Genetics. 5, 15 s., 214.

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