Kirstine Callø

Kirstine Callø


Kirstine Callø, MSc Humanbiologi, PhD, DMV

Lektor, Sektionsleder for Patobiologi

E-mail: Telefon: 61666402

Research Field
Ion channels
Cardiac action potentials and currents
Pharmacological models of cardiac diseases
Changes in ionic currents in diseased hearts
Molecular basis of channelopathies
Development of pharmacological treatment of cardiac diseases

Whole-cell patch-clamp on native cardiac cells
Current-clamp of native cardiac cells
Isolation of cardiomyocytes
Arterially perfused wedge preparation from canine hearts
Action potential recordings from slices from canine hearts
Patch-clamp recordings from cloned potassium, sodium and calcium channels
Cell culture techniques
Two-electrode recordings from Xenopus laevis oocytes, RNA preparation and injection
Single channel and macro-patch recordings from Xenepos laevis oocytes
Confocal microscopy, line scans and immunochemistry on isolated cells and tissue


11 Jan 2019 Dr. Med. Vet, University of Copenhagen
17 May 2006 PhD degree, University of Copenhagen
17 June 2002 Cand.Scient Human Biology, University of Copenhagen
June 1999 Bachelor degree in Biology, University of Copenhagen
June 1995 Student, Math line, Haderslev Katedralskole

1 Aug 2019 - present Head of Section for Pathobiological Scences 

1 Feb 2013 – present Associate Professor at the Dept. of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Sep 2011 – Dec 2011 Visiting scientist at the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, Utica, New York, USA (Drs Jonathan Cordeiro and Charles Antzelevitch)

Feb 2011 – Aug 2011 Maternity leave

Dec 2010 – Jan 2013 Associate Professor at the Danish Arrhythmia Research Centre, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen

Oct 2007 – May 2008 Visiting scientist at the Masonic Medical Research Laboratory, Utica, New York, USA (Drs Jonathan Cordeiro and Charles Antzelevitch). Several yearly visits since May 2008 of 1-6 weeks duration.

Feb 2006 – Dec 2010 Post.Doc. at the Dept. of Medical Physiology, University of Copenhagen


2003 – 2006 PhD student at the Dept. of Medical Physiology, University of Copenhagen. Enrolled in the Danish Cardiovascular Research Academy (DaCRA). Thesis title: Potassium Channels of the Heart

Jun 2005 – Oct 2005 Training at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA (Professor Diomedes Logothetis).

2000 – 2002 Master of Science (Human Biology), University of Copenhagen and NeuroSearch A/S. Ballerup, Denmark. Thesis title: Part I: Expression of ClC-2/ClC-7 Chimeric Channels in Mammalian Cells: Electrophysiological Characteristic and subcellular localization. Part II: Endogenous Expression of ClC-2 and ClC-3 in a Human Erythroleukaemia Cell Line, a Model System for Erythrocytes

1996 – 1999 Bachelor of Science (Biology), University of Copenhagen, Denmark


Ph.d, Humanbiology

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