Huiling Mu

Huiling Mu



Main areas of interest include lipid biochemistry and applications of lipids, with special emphasis on the digestion and absorption of lipids and their impact on delivery of drugs and nutrients.

Primary research areas


Major current research is focused on effects of excipients on sustained drug release based on a better understanding of interactions between excipients and between drug molecules and excipients. The active research includes formulation strategies, in vitro models, in vivo studies, and diverse analytical methods.


  • Kemiske principper 
  • Lægemiddelformulering 
  • Pharmaceutics and drug development
  • Bachelorprojekt i farmaci 
  • PhD course “Human digestion and absorption – a mechanistic understanding”

Other activities

  • Reviewer for a number of international scientific journals and a couple of research agencies
  • Organizer of research seminars and mini-symposium
  • Member of The American Oil Chemists' Society (1998-) and The Controlled Release Society (2009-)
  • Author of 120+ peer-reviewed original research papers (H-index=30)

Selected publications

  • Mu, H. and Holm, R. (2018) Solid lipid nanocarriers in drug delivery: Characterization and design, Expert opinion on drug delivery, 15(8):771-785.
  • Peng, Q. and Mu, H. (2016) The potential of protein-nanomaterial interaction for advanced drug delivery, J Control Release, 225:121-132.
  • Christophersen,P., Birch,D., Saarinen,J., Isomäki,A., Nielsen,H.M., Yang,M., Strachan,C., and Mu, H. (2015) Visualization of protein distribution in solid lipid particles using coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering microscopy and its impact on proteinrelease, J Control Release, 197:111-120.
  • Borkar, B., Li, B., Holm, R., Håkansson, A.E., Müllertz, A., Yang, M., Mu, H. (2015) Lipophilic prodrugs of apomorphine I: Preparation, characterisation, and in vitro degradation assessment in biorelevant media, Eur. J. Pharm. Biopharm., 89:216-223.
  • Christophersen,P., Vaghela, D., Müllertz, A, Yang,M., Nielsen,H.M., and Mu, H. (2014) Solid lipid particles for oral delivery of peptide and protein drugs III - The effect of fed state conditions on the in vitro release and degradation of desmopressin, AAPS Journal. 16(4):875-883.
  • Mu, H., Holm, R., Müllertz, A. (2013) Lipid-based formulations for oral administration of poorly water-soluble drugs, Int J Pharm, 453(1):215-224.
  • Schram, L.B., Nielsen, C.J., Porsgaard, T., Nielsen, N.S., Holm, R., and Mu, H. (2007)Food matrices affect the bioavailability of (n-3) polyunsaturated fatty acids in a single meal study in humans, Food Res. Inter. 40:1062-1068.
  • Kristensen, J.B., Jørgensen, H., Mu, H. (2006) Diacylglycerol oil does not affect portal vein transport of nonesterified fatty acids but decreases the postprandial plasma lipid response in catheterized Pigs, J. Nutr. 136:1800-1805.
  • Porsgaard, T., Xu, X., Göttsche, J. and Mu, H. (2005) In vitro pancreatic lipase hydrolysis and lymphatic transport in rats of structured oils containing n-3 fatty acids, J. Nutr., 135, 1705-1711.
  • Mu, H. and Høy, C.-E. (2004) The digestion of dietary triacylglycerols, Progress in Lipid Research, 43, 105-133.

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