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Reviews: Navigating Terrain of War: youth and soldiering in Guinea-Bissau (2006) Oxford/New York: Berghahn

"For the increasingly numerous anthropologists [specializing in Peace and Conflict Studies in Anthropology] Henrik Vigh's book on young combatants in the war in Guinea-Bissau should be compulsory reading material."JRAI

 "The book is remarkably successful in this ambitious endeavour [to address the tensions between structure and agency through the author's concept of social navigation] because it combines solidly researched and eloquently formulated ethnography with engagement of a wide range of theory.... it merits a cover-to-cover read."Journal of Peace Research

"In his excellent [book], Vigh offers a sophisticated and highly insightful analysis of mobilization and soldiering among contemporary urban African youths...This is a very welcome empirically based and theoretically sophisticated contribution to our understanding of one of Africa's recent ‘small wars'."Social Anthropology

 "Though written accessibly, its principal preoccupations are theoretical. Vigh draws on a range of theorists... [and] social philosophers...Along the way he provides useful excursions through the literature on contemporary violence and African liberation movements...[The book] is among the most exciting and important contributions available today."Ethnos

"Navigating Terrain of Wars represents a vivid effort to understand the complex world of war and poverty. In this masterful work, Vigh [...] poses not only poignant questions respecting the unresolved frustrations of an entire generation that passed politically from left to right, but also provides a serious framework to understand how violence works. This is, undoubtedly, one of the best books I have ever read in these types of topics. Magisterially explained throughout the ten chapters that form the project, Vigh reveals how poverty is conducive to warfare." Essays in Philosophy

  1. 2018
  2. Under udarbejdelse

    Anthropology of cross-border crime and criminalisation. / Sausdal, David Brehm; Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    I: Focaal: Journal of Global and Historical Anthropology, 2018.

    Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

  3. Udgivet

    Contorted Environments and Distorted Being. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    Distortion: Social Processes Beyond the Structured and Systemic. red. / Nigel Rapport. Abingdon : Routledge, 2018. s. 29-44.

    Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportBidrag til bog/antologiForskningfagfællebedømt

  4. Udgivet

    Displaced Utopia : on marginalisation, migration and emplacement in Bissau. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    I: Identities - Global Studies in Culture and Power, Bind 25, Nr. 2, 2018, s. 192-209.

    Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

  5. Udgivet

    Introduction : Sporadically Radical. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman; Jensen, Steffen Bo.

    Sporadically Radical: Ethnographies of Organised Violence and Militant Mobilization. red. / Steffen Jensen; Henrik Vigh. Bind 5 Museum Tusculanum, 2018. s. 7-38.

    Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportBidrag til bog/antologiForskningfagfællebedømt

  6. Udgivet

    Lives opposed : perceptivity and tacticality in conflict and crime. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    I: Social Anthropology - Anthropologie Sociale, Bind 26, Nr. 4, 2018, s. 487-501.

    Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

  7. Udgivet

    Peripheral Participants : Thinking through distortion, displacement, nullification. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    2018, .

    Publikation: AndetUdgivelser på nettet - Net-publikationForskningfagfællebedømt

  8. Udgivet

    Social Closure and Militant Openings : Tangentiality, homology and the struggle for social being. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    Sporadically Radical: Ethnographies of Organised Violence and Militant Mobilization. Copenhagen : Museum Tusculanum, 2018. s. 39-61.

    Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportBidrag til bog/antologiForskningfagfællebedømt

  9. Udgivet

    Sporadically Radical : Ethnographies of Organised Violence and Militant Mobilization. / Jensen, Steffen (Redaktør); Vigh, Henrik Erdman (Redaktør).

    Copenhagen : Museum Tusculanum, 2018. 274 s.

    Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportAntologiForskningfagfællebedømt

  10. Udgivet

    The anthropology of crime. / Vigh, Henrik Erdman; Sausdal, David Brehm.

    Handbook of political anthropology. red. / Harald Wydra; Bjørn Thomassen. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018. s. 441-461.

    Publikation: Bidrag til bog/antologi/rapportBidrag til bog/antologiForskningfagfællebedømt

  11. 2017
  12. Udgivet

    Caring through crime : Ethical ambivalence and the cocaine trade in Bissau . / Vigh, Henrik Erdman.

    I: Africa, Bind 87, Nr. 3, 2017, s. 479-495.

    Publikation: Bidrag til tidsskriftTidsskriftartikelForskningfagfællebedømt

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