Gertrud Ursula Pfister

Gertrud Ursula Pfister

Professor emeritus

Nationality: German

1986   Post-doctoral thesis (Habilitation), Ruhr-University Bochum
1980   PhD in Social Sciences, Ruhr-University, Bochum
1976   PhD in History, University of Regensburg
1971   Staatsexamen (Master) Physical Education, Latin and History, Ludwigs-Maximilian-Universität, Munich

Since 2001   Position as Full Professor at the University of Copenhagen
1981-2000   Full Professor at the Institut für Sportwissenschaft, Freie Universität Berlin
1987-1989   Head of the Institute of Sport Sciences, Freie Universität Berlin
1976-1981   Assistant Professor at the Institut für Sportwissenschaft, Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Positions as guest professor (among others)
2001   Guest professor at the Universidad de Playa Ancha, Valparaiso, Chile
1999   Guest professor at the University Gama Filho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1989   Guest professor at Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
1983   Guest professor at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland

Honorary positions
2010   Organiser of the congress Body enhancements and (il)legal drugs in sport and  exercise – human and social perspectives in Copenhagen
2010   Co-organiser of the International congress “Women and Girls – Let’s  Move” in Teheran, Iran
2008-2011   Vice-President of the International Association of Sport Sociology
2007   Organizer of the World Congress of Sport Sociology in Copenhagen
2006-2011   Member of the Scientific Board of the European College of Sport Sciences
2003-2008   President of the International Association of Sport Sociology
2000-2009   Member of the evaluation committee of the German Research Society (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
2000   Member of the committee “Sport Science Award of the IOC”
1996-2006   Vice-president of the German Gymnastic Federation
1993   Organiser of the World Congress of Sport History
1993-2000   President of the International Society of the History of Sport (ISHPES)
1991-1996   Member of the Executive Board of the dvs (German Association for Sport Science)

Current honorary positions
2010-2012   Member of the Scientific Committee of the Pre-Olympic Congress 2012
2010-   Member of the evaluation board of the Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft
2009-   Member of the Executive Board of WomenSport International
2002-   Organiser of the annual Copenhagen Summer School for Young Researchers
2000-   Member of the Board of the International Society of the History of Sport (ISHPES)
1993-   Member of the Committee of Consultants of IAPESGW (International Association for Physical Education and Sport for Girls and Women)

2009   Award of the European Working Group of Women and Sport
2007   Honorary doctorate at the Sport University, Budapest
2006   Darlene Kluka Award of the Women’s Sport Foundation
2005   ISHPES-Award for scientific excellence in sport history
2002   Howell and Howell Distinguished Lecturer Award for NASSH 2002
2000   Bundesverdienstkreuz  (one of the highest award of the Federal Republic of Germany)

Member of the board of reviewers or board of editors of scientific journals, including Stadion, Sportwissenschaft, WSPAJ (Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal), International Journal of the History of Sport, Sport History Review, International Review of the Sociology of Sport, European Review of Sport History, OLYMPIKA, STAPS, Fitness &Performance, Annales Kinesiologiae

Assessment committees (among others)
2007   Member of the assessment committee of the Lithuanian Institute of Physical  Education, Kaunas, Lithuania
2004-2008   Member of the assessment committee of the Centrum för Idrottsforskning – CIF, Sweden
2006   Member of the advisory and assessment committee of the Institute of Sport Sciences of the Universität Vienna, Austria
2003   Evaluation of the Institute of Exercise and Sport Sciences, Universität Basel, Switzerland
2002 Member of the assessment committee of the Institute of Sport Sciences of the Universität Göttingen, Germany

Member of various committees for the evaluation and or appointment of professors in Germany, Norway, Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark

Member of PhD evaluation committees in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Netherland

Evaluator of national grant institutions in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Israel, EU grants

Keynote speaker at around 50 congresses (among others)
XIIth IAPESGW Congress, Melbourne, Australia 1993
Congress of the South-East Asian Society for Sport History, Taipei, Taiwan 1996
Congress of the European College of Sport Science, Manchester, UK 1998
IAPESGW Congress, Smith College, USA 1999
Pre-Olympic Congress, Brisbane, Australia 2000
Cara a Cara: Deporte en Igualdad de Condiciones, San Juan. Puerto Rico 2003
ISHPES Congress, September, Cologne 2005
Thinking through the Games: Legacies, Communities and Inclusion. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 2006
Globalization & Sport in Developing Countries, Shenyang Normal University, China 2006
Special Sports Culture Lecture Series, National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, 2007
A whole new ball game. German Historical Institute, Washington, USA 2008
Muslim Women and Sport. Sultan Qaboos University, Oman 2008
16th Biennial Conference of ISCPES, Macau 2008
Qualitative Methods, Roehampton College, London, UK, 2009
1st International Conference for the Sociology of Sport, Taiwan, 2009
Olympic Movement in the New World Order, April, Ankara, Turkey 2009
Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Sciences, Antalya Turkey 2010
Congress of the European Working Group “Women and Sport”, London, UK, 2011

Major projects (completed)

Sport in Berlin (funded by the German Research Society)

Sport in Women’s Lives. A Cross-Cultural Comparison in Four European Countries (funded by the Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft)

Fitness of Berlin School Children (funded by the Freie Universität Berlin)

Sport in Women’s Lives – a Cross Cultural Comparison (together with colleagues from Norway, Spain and UK) (funded by the Bundesinstitut für Sportwissenschaft and the International Olympic Committee)

Women Taking the Lead – Women in Leadership Positions of German Sport Organizations (funded by the Federal Ministry of Youth, Women and Seniors)

Kvinder på Toppen – Women and Leadership in Danish Sport Organisations (funded by the Danish Ministry for Sport and Culture)

Leaders in Sport Organisations who “Dropped Out” (funded by the Danish Ministry for Sport and Culture)

(Un)healthy Bodies – Health and Physical (in)activity in Denmark – qualitative approaches (funded by the Danish Ministry for Sport and Culture)

Current major research projects

Patterns of Physical Activity and Inactivity among Various Groups of the Danish Population (UNIK project; funded by the Ministry of Science)

Doping in Sport - an Issue of Gender and Society (with 2 PhD and 1 Post doc scholar) (funded by the Program Committee for Food and Health)

Muslim Women and Sport (funded by the International Association for Physical Activities and Sports of Girls and Women)

Gender Equality in European Sport (funded by the Sport Union of the European Commission)

Gender Equality in Elite Sport (funded by EPAS/Council of Europe)

FREE [Football Research in an Enlarged Europe]. Sub-Project “Feminization of Football”  (Funded by the EU in the context of the 7th European Framework Programme)

Supervision of PhD students and postdocs
Supervisor of 10 PhDs at the Freie Universität Berlin
Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, KU, Denmark: 2 PhDs completed; currently 3 PhD students

Areas of expertise  
Sport history and sportification; Gender and sport; Gender, sport and leadership; Muslim women and sport; Migrations and transnationalism, Sport engagement of the population; Body cultures; Body enhancement and doping; Media sport; Sport and aging; Cross-cultural comparisons.

Publications (summary)
Author or editor of 17 books
Author or co-author of more than 250 articles in books and peer reviewed journals


PhD history, PhD sociology, Habilitation (postdoctorate qualification)

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