Elisabeth Marianne Bock

Elisabeth Marianne Bock


M.D. 1969, University of Copenhagen. Internship and research fellow at the Copenhagen University Hospital 1969-1974. From 1974 research fellow at the University of Copenhagen, Protein Laboratory. Associate Professor at Institute of Neuropathology, University of Copenhagen, 1978. Associate Professor at Protein Laboratory, University of Copenhagen, 1979. Full professor in cell biology 1987, same place. Emerita from 2016.

Major scientific results:
First demonstration and Characterization of the neural cell adhesion molecule (NCAM). First demonstration and characterization of synaptin/synaptophysin. First demonstration of a function of a neuron-specific molecule (enolase activity of 14-3-2).  Author or co-author of more than 450 papers and 23 patent applications (20 PCT published).

Participation in international research programmes:
Coordinator of EU-contract BIO2-CT.93-0260 - Concerted action - Neuronal Development and Regeneration, September 1993 - August 1996; Associated contractor of EU-contract BIO2-CT93-0471 - In Vitro Developmental Toxicology, January 1994  - December 1996; Coordinator of EU-contract BIO4-CT96-0450 - The Role of the Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule L1 and its Ligands in Normal Brain Development and Hereditary Brain Deceases, January 1997 - December 1999; Associated contractor of EU-contract BIO4-98-0077 - Technical viability of a novel device for automated high-volume screening of teratogens based on simultaneous quantitative computer-assisted microscopical evaluation of clonal cell cycle progression and differentiation state, September 1998 - August 2000. Associated contractor of EU-contract no QLK6-CT-199-02187 - Age-related changes in learning and memory: Neural cell adhesion molecules, associated carbohydrates and ligands, 2000-2002. Associated contractor - EU-contract HPRN-CT.2002-00268 Nutritional and environmental nuclear receptor modulators: Transcriptional pathways to abnormal development and cancer, 2002-2006. Coordinator of EU-contract - Integrated Project, PROMEMORIA - From cell-cell recognition to memory formation. New strategies for the treatment of dysfunctional plasticity, learning and memory, 2004-2008.

1988 Chairman of the Committee for the establishment of the curriculum for a new education, Human Biology, at the Medical Faculty. Member of the executive committee for the study of Human Biology 1989-1995, chairman 1989-1992. Member of the Evaluation Group for the study of Human Biology, 1993.

Member of the Danish Medical Research Council 1984-1992. Representative of the Council in European Medical Research Council and Nordic Cooperative Board for Medical Research,1985-1989. Member of the Danish Research Policy Council 1992-1996. Member of the Medical and Natural Sciences Committee of the Danish Cancer Society from 1996-2001. Member of the Board for Medicon Valley Academy, 1997-1999. Member of the Board for DAKOCytomation A/S, 1997-2004. Member of the Committee for Industrial Ph.D. Fellowships under the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences (ATV) from 1998-2003. Member of the board of ENKAM Pharmaceuticals A/S. Member of the board of BRIC (Biotech Research and Innovation Center), 2000-2007. Member of the board of the research council of the Danish Alzheimer Association, 2007.

Recipient of director Ulrik Brinch and wife Marie Brinch's award, March 1992; the Stanley Gore Award, September 1993; award from the University of Copenhagen, "The Harald of the Year" for establishment of the Human biology education, November 1993; The Consul General Ernst Carlsen Foundation award, May 1994. Appointed Doctor Honoris Causa of the University of Bergen, Norway, August 2000. Award from the Danish Society for Cancer Research, "Gårdejer  Ingemann Petersen og Hustrus Fond", November 2000. Recipient of the Alzheimer Research Award from the Danish Alzheimer Association, September 2004. Springer Verlag published "Structure and function of the neural cell adhesion molecule, NCAM" in honour of Elisabeth Bock, 2010, and Neurochemistry Research published a special issue dedicated to Elisabeth Bock, 2013.

Handling of scientific integrity  

Together with several hundreds of scientists at the University of Copenhagen Elisabeth Bock has in vain demanded an independent evalutation of the handling by the University administration of the Penkowa-case.



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