Edyta Roszko

Edyta Roszko


Primære forskningsområder

Since the early 2000s my research has been taken place in East and Southeast Asia, in particular in Vietnam, Taiwan and China. My doctoral thesis focused on coastal communities in Central Vietnam and the multi-faceted contestation over the religious landscpae in the context of changes in ecology, economy and in politics. My current research explores fisheries in Vietnam, China and the Philippines in the context of legal procedure simultaneosuly faciliating and constraining the use of marine territories.

Aktuel forskning

After my PhD fellowship at the Max Planck Institute for Social anthropology in Halle, I moved from a localized focus on religious practices among coastal communities in Central Vietnam to the globalized and highly politicized competition for marine resources among Vietnamese and Chinese fishers across the South China Sea. My reserach fellowship and language training in the Vietnam Academy of Social Science and in the Academia Sinica in Taiwan allowed me to approach the South China Sea with both linguistic competence and a sense of ethnographic and historical depth and to devise and carry out research in the ethnically diverse environment.


My ongoing independent reserach project Territorialising the Sea is hosted by the University of Copenhagen and funded by the Danish Research Council. The project traces the global and local consequences of the maritime disputes in the South China Sea. By suggetsing connected historical trajectories of fishing communities in Vietnam, China and the Philippines, the project presents a vantage point to rethink my methodology and theoretical approach by paying more attention to the question how the sea sustains connections, ambiguities of belonging and different trading communities across time and space.

The question of mobility in the South China Sea compelled me to go back to history and to work beyond the nation-state and area studies frame. I followed this approach by initiating together with political scientist Claire Sutherland (PI) a new collaborative project Reframing centuries of Cham forced displacement based at Durham University and founded by the Economic and Social Research Council in collaboration with Arts and Humanities Research Council that bridges different historical periods and countries (Vietnam, China and Malaysia).

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