Bevillinger fra det Europæiske Forskningsråd

Siden 2007 har European Research Council (ERC) uddelt bevillinger til forskning af høj kvalitet i Europa. Listen herunder viser de projekter, hvor KU stod som koordinator på bevillingstidspunktet (ERC - Starting Grants, Consolidator Grants, Advanced Grants og Synergy Grants).

Kilde: Europa-Kommissionens officielle indkaldelser til kontraktforhandling.


Klaus Bruhn Jensen

Green Surveillance: Imagining a Sustainable Internet of Things
(Advanced Grant)

Chuna Choudhary

Lysine Acetylation: The Scope and Function in Gene Activation
(Advanced Grant)

Anja Groth

Epigenetic memory by communication across chromosome scales
(Advanced Grant)

Christian Lund

Urban Frontiers. From Illegal Land Occupation to Legalized Property
(Advanced Grant)

Atreyee Sen

Anger, Legitimised: Amplified anger and its rhetorics of legitimation in the 21st century
(Advanced Grant)

Sarah Pearson

Decoding Dark Matter with Stellar Streams from Beyond the Milky Way
(Starting Grant)


Klaus Høyer

Making Sense of Health in an Age of Cross-Border Data Infrastructures
(Advanced Grant)

Joshua Brickman

Signaling decoded in ENhanCEr states – a molecular basis for plasticity in development and differentiation
(Advanced Grant)

Guillermo Montoya

Repurposing of CAST Systems as Next-Generation Tools for Genome Engineering of Mammalian Cells
(Advanced Grant)

Sabrina Ebbersmeyer

Women in the Nordic Enlightenment.Changing the narratives of early modern philosophy and uncovering women’s contribution to Scandinavian gender equality
(Advanced Grant)

Jakub Sedzinski

Morphogenesis meets Cell Fate: Dissecting how Mechanical Forces coordinate Development
(Consolidator Grant)

Sorcha Macleod

Mercenarism and the Accountability Void: Finding routes to accountability and remedy for the victims of human rights abuses perpetrated by mercenaries
(Consolidator Grant)

Roberta Sinatra

Quantifying AI-infused Science
(Consolidator Grant)

Naja Hulvej Rod

The multiple LAYERS of childhood adversity
(Consolidator Grant)

Pedro Waterton

The Chromite Record of Mafic Crustal Growth
(Starting Grant)

Magnus Pharao Hansen

Exploring the Deep History of Southern Uto-Aztecan Languages and Peoples: A Mixed Methods Approach
(Starting Grant)






Isabelle Augenstein

Explainable and Robust Automatic Fact Checking
(Starting Grant)

Lea Haarup Gregersen

The transcriptional response to oxidative stress
(Starting Grant)

Alisa Javadi

Photonic Quantum Technologies with Strain-Free Artificial Atoms
(Starting Grant)

Morten Kjaergaard

Novel Approaches to Error Detection and Protection with Superconducting Qubits
(Starting Grant)

Jakob Grunnet Knudsen

Paracrine signalling in alpha cells and the integration of mechanisms that control glucagon secretion
(Starting Grant)

Laura Mancinska

Quantum Information Processing with Interacting Parties
(Starting Grant)

Hernan Eduardo Morales Villegas

Evolutionary dynamics of genomic erosion and its application in biodiversity conservation
(Starting Grant)

Jose Victor Moreno Mayar

Tracing Indigenous American genomic history, subsistence strategies, health and their interplay through time using DNA from ancient masticated plant fibres
(Starting Grant)

Darach Jafar Watson

How Neutron Star Mergers make Heavy Elements (HEAVYMETAL)
(Synergy Grant)

Mette Rosenkilde

Molecular dissection of viral genomes for future antiviral treatments (MEDIVATE)
(Advanced Grant)

Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

When was Greenland ‘green’? – Perspectives from basal ice and sediments from ice cores. (Green2Ice)
(Synergy Grant)

Anders Svensson

When was Greenland ‘green’? – Perspectives from basal ice and sediments from ice cores. (Green2Ice)
(Synergy Grant)



Hannes Schroeder

Ancient Chewing Gums and the Archaeology of Alpine Lake Settlements
(Consolidator Grant)

Maria Escudero Escribano

Atomic-Scale Tailored Materials for Electrochemical Methane Activation and Production of Valuable Chemicals
(Consolidator Grant)

Maria Mälksoo

Ritual Action: Making Deterrence Matter in International Security and Memory Politics
(Consolidator Grant)

Kamilla Miskowiak

Altitude-like hypoxia cognition training to target brain erythropoietin as a novel mechanism of long-lasting enhancement of neuroplasticity and cognitive functions
(Consolidator Grant)

Elsa Yvanez

Archaeology: Archaeology of Dress along the Middle Nile
(Starting Grant)

Michiel Lambrechts

Theoretical Astronomy: EXOplanet Diversity and the Origin of the Solar System
(Starting Grant)

Amin Doostmohammadi

Biophysics: BioPhysical basis of Collective Mechano-Transduction: Bridging cell decisionmaking to multicellular selforganisation
(Starting Grant)



Lektor Enrico Cappellini

Evolutionsforskning: "Overcoming the frontiers of biomolecular studies on human history and adaptation using palaeoproteomics (Advanced Grant)

Lektor Mette Burmølle

Biologi: "The biofilm matrix and its functional role in the ecology of bacterial communities" (Consolidator Grant)

Professor MSO Kasper Dyrberg Rand

Farmaci: "Analysis of “difficult” proteins by microfluidic- based hydrogen/deuterium exchange" (Consolidator Grant)

Lektor Camilla Charlotte Schéele

Metabolisme: "Bioactive peptides from human brown fat cells mediating metabolic control" (Consolidator Grant)

Professor Albert Schliesser

Fysik: “Phononic Quantum Sensors" (Consolidator Grant)

Lektor Stine Lomborg

Kommunikation: “Datafied living: pursuing human flourishing through mundane self-tracking across personal, work and institutional contexts in the welfare state” (Starting Grant)

Adjunkt Leonardo Midolo

Nanofysik: “Nano-mechanical quantum photonic circuits” (Starting Grant)

Postdoc Frido Welker

Evolutionsgenetik: “Hominin phyloproteomics for the Pleistocene: PalaeoPROteomics of Skeletal Parts for Evolutionary Research” (Starting Grant)

Adjunkt Kathrin Rousk

Terrestrisk økologi: “Quantifying and upscaling nitrogen fixation in pristine ecosystems: Uncovering the climatic, ecological, and molecular control mechanisms” (Starting Grant)

Adjunkt Martin Brandt

Geografi: “Trees outside forests in global drylands” (Starting Grant)

Adjunkt Helena Safavi

Biomedicin: “Toxin mimetics of human peptides as novel tools for drug discovery and design” (Starting Grant)

















Lektor Alessandro Gori

Lektor Alessandro Gori

Institut for Tværkulturelle og Regionale Studier, Det Humanistiske Fakultet 'Islam in the Horn of Africa, A Comparative Literary Approach' (Advanced Grant).

Professor Ian David Hickson

Center for Sund Aldring, Det Sundhedsvidenskabelige Fakultet 'REPBLOCK: Site-specific DNS replication perturbation and its effects on chromosome segregation' (Advanced Grant).

Professor Jan Philip Solovej

Institut for Matematiske Fag, Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Fakultet 'The Mathematics of the Structure of Matter' (Advanced Grant).

Lektor Anders Søgaard

Center for Sprogteknologi, Det Humanistiske Fakultet 'LOWLANDS: Parsing low-resource languages and domains' (Starting Grant).

Professor Anders Søndberg Sørensen

Niels Bohr Insitutet, Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Fakultet 'QIOS: Quantum Interfaces and Open Systems' (Starting Grant).

Adjunkt Martin Pessah

Niels Bohr Institutet, Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Fakultet '1ST-PRINCIPLES-DISCS: A First Principles Approach to Accretion Discs' (Starting Grant).

Professor MSO David Dreyer Lassen

Økonomisk Institut, Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet 'HHPOLITICS: A Household Finance Theory of Political Attitudes and Political behaviour' (Starting Grant).

Professor Mads Meier Jæger

Professor Mads Meier Jæger

Sociologisk Institut, Det Samfundsvidenskabelige Fakultet 'UNITRAN: Understanding Intergenerational Transmissions: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach' (Starting Grant).

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller

Professor Birger Lindberg Møller

Institut for Plante- og Miljøvidenskab, Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Fakultet 'Light-driven Chemical Synthesis using Cytochrome P450s' (Advanced Grant).

International Researcher Jacobus Boomsma

International Researcher Jacobus Boomsma

Biologisk Institut, Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Fakultet 'Attine Ant Symbiomes' (Advanced Grant).