David E. Gloriam

David E. Gloriam


Research Interests
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My group uses computational methods to discover functions, structures and ligands of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) - the most abundant mediators of human signalling and therapeutic responses. 

I have a special interest in the understudied ‘orphan’ receptors having identified novel human GPCRs, several of which now constitute drug targets. My group has applied computational methods to physiological and tool ligands of orphan receptors. (Read more)

I head the GPCRdb web resource which is used by over 2000 GPCR researchers every month. GPCRdb features reference data, analysis tools and visualisation enabling science in the wider GPCR community. (Read more)

Computational drug design guides chemical synthesis and rationalise pharmacological activities. My group has developed new methods for virtual screening, chemogenomics and design of target-directed focused screening libraries. (Read more)

GPCR function by determining structure-function relationships from (big) data analysis. Recent studies have focused on GPCR signaling affecting GPCR-G protein selectivity and genetic variants important for personalized medicine. (Read more)

GPCR crystallography is the newest interest. My group has developed a Construct Design Tool in GPCRdb (test tool) and set up GPCR crystallography and cryo-EM together with structural biologists the most progressed target being serotonin receptors (Read more).

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