Signe Skjoldborg Brieghel

Signe Skjoldborg Brieghel


My research is oriented towards co-species relations in the nexus of modern agriculture, landscape ecology, and scientific knowledge production. I am particularly interested in questions to do with landscape-making and sharing between more-than-human species in the context of 19th and 20th century agro-industrial intensification, and how these have promoted both particular crops and modes of knowing the world.

As postdoc in the DFF-funded interdisciplinary research project Cattle Crossroads - Researching danish livestock production for the future, I explore how cows and grasses make particular dairy worlds and landscapes possible, and how these variously relate to, enact or hinder a turn to absolute sustainability within the cattle sector.

I work ethnographically and through archival studies with themes such as:

  • cattle farming and green transition practices
  • biodiversity and co-species livability
  • Landscape and crop environmental histories 
  • (un)natural ressources and extractive economies
  • absolute sustainability and planetary boundaries/earth systems science 

I am part of the Centre for Sustainable Futures located at the Humanities dep./Saxo Institute,

I am a member of the danish Climate and Transition Council // Klima- og Omstillingsrådet (KOR), a voluntary initiative comprising researchers across the humanities and social, technical and natural sciences. Klima- og Omstillingsrådet ( 

I also teach and supervise students at both BA and MA level.

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