Nathalia Brichet

Nathalia Brichet


Researching and exhibiting Agriculture and Extractive Industries

Currently I’m based at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences where I am part of the interdisciplinary research project: Cattle Crossroads. Researching Danish livestock production for the future. Together we focus on how optimized agricultural industries in Denmark respond to increasing demands for a green transition. I do it by exploring how materialities (bodies, infrastructure and technologies) structure, enable or obstruct a green transition in Danish agro-industries.

Concurrently, and in dialogue with an old Study Collection used for teaching agricultural and veterinary students since the 18th century, I collect materials tellings stories of present day livestock production. I investigate how research in Danish husbandry has shaped - and still shapes - the Danish farming landscape in various ways. As such I use the Collection as a material archive of priorities within the history of Danish husbandry where it enables an analysis of how the now optimized, efficient and globally competitive sector came about.

As part of my research I have made a a newly furbished gallery venue available at the former Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University of Denmark – now Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Read more about the exhibition here: Produktionsdyr: et galleri for det muliges kunst – Københavns Universitet

Simultaneously I collaborate with the Design Museum of Denmark, the National Museum of Greenland and a group of artists on the exhibition "Rocks of Greenland - Kalaallit Nunaat rocks" - on the gold and ruby mining industry based on my former fieldworks in Greenland (2013-2017).

The exhibition at the Design Museum is open 21 June 2023-March 2024. More info here: ROCKS OF GREENLAND – KALAALLIT NUNAAT ROCKS - Designmuseum Danmark

If you have any questions or want to know more, do not hesitate to contact me. 

Cattle Crossroads - Researching Danish livestock production for the Future – University of Copenhagen (

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