Katy Overstreet

Katy Overstreet

Tenure Track Adjunkt

I am a tenure-track assistant professor of Environmental Humanities and a core member of the Centre for Sustainable Futures.

Sub-fields of specialization: multispecies ethnography, environmental anthropology, Anthropocene studies, feminist STS, critical food studies, critical animal studies, agrarian political economy

Specific areas of interest: farm animal welfare, agricultural landscapes, foodways, human-nonhuman relations, sustainability, technoscience, bioindustrialization, care, co-species work, dairy cows, insect farming, biodiversity

Current research projects:

In my research and teaching, I am committed to critical engagement with co-species social formations, technoscientific power relations, and livability in the Anthropocene.

My current long-term project investigates how demographic and technoscientific change impacts co-species living and working in America’s Dairyland. In particular, I examine the practices of care and processes of bioindustrialization in encounters between farmers, agricultural experts, cows, gut microbes, and multispecies life in Midwestern landscapes. Furthermore, I am conducting multi-sited ethnographic research on the dilemmas of sustainability and experimentation in efforts to make farm animals more eco-friendly in the US and Denmark.

I am currently developing a multi-stakeholder collaborative project on the development of insect farming and eating as a pathway to “green protein” in Denmark. Following the simultaneous proliferation of insects on the farm and the loss of insects in the landscape, this project develops methods and concepts for working with human-insect encounters in Anthropocene landscapes.

I am also a researcher and participant on the COST Action: ‘LIFT: Lifting farm animal lives – laying the foundations for positive animal welfare.’

I was a PhD fellow on the Aarhus University Research on the Anthropocene (AURA) project led by Anna Tsing. As a core member of the AURA team, I conducted collective fieldwork at a former brown coal mine in Denmark. We developed transdisciplinary methods and concepts related to living in disturbed landscapes. For more on the AURA project see http://anthropocene.au.dk

Other Positions:

Coordinator – Landscape Research Cluster, with Tim Flohr Sørensen, Saxo Institute

ID: 285290725