Anan Yaghmur

Anan Yaghmur


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Of particular interest is the possible utilization of colloidal aqueous dispersions of lipids with confined inner nanostructures (such as cubosomes, hexosomes, and micellar cubosomes) as safe and efficient drug nanocarriers. The optimal utilization of these dispersions requires studying the impact of loading drugs on their internal nanostructures, and fully comprehending the interaction of these drug-loaded dispersed particles with the biological environment to ensure the efficient transportation of the solubilized drugs. In addition, it is of our interest to address the challenges of enhancing the stability of the dispersed particles under different conditions, and of modulating their nanostructure in order to optimize their loading of different drugs.


  1. Cubosomes and hexosomes as drug nanocarriers
  2. Formation and characterization of drug nanocarriers
  3. Characterization of stimuli-responsive self-assembled drug nanocarriers.
  4. Hierarchically organized aqueous dispersions of self-assembled lipid phases: cubosomes, hexosomes, and emulsified microemulsions.
  5. Formulation and characterization of O/W and W/O microemulsions.

ID: 12159530