Ib Ulbæk

Ib Ulbæk

Associate Professor emeritus

Current research

My primary research activities are conducted within text linguistics. I am researching the presentation forms of texts. It is research that spans the theoretical status of the concept within text linguistics and empirically investigates the identifiability of presentation forms by the readers.

Research results

Within argumentation theory and -analysis I have studied dilemma argumentation in a popular Danish radio program. In pragmatics I have discussed the concept of the expressive speech act. Also in pragmatics I have theoretically discussed whether the concept of speech act is applicable to text. Together with Niels Møller Nielsen, University of Roskilde, and Peter Widell, University of Aarhus, I have published a history of pragmatics, internationally and in Denmark. I have contributed to the book Genre and ... (2015). I have coined the term second order coherence and used it as a way of seeing certain kinds of incoherence as contributing to the ordering of the text. In 2005 I wrote a text book on text linguistics in Danish (Text analysis - an introduction to text linguistics on pragmatic grounds).


I teach the courses Danish language 1 and 2 in the BA study programme in Danish. I have taught Danish language 1 in the didactic programme for students of Danish (a programme now terminated). At the master level I have given a course in psychology of language about language and communication.
I supervise BA-projects as well as masters’ theses, both in the study programme in Danish and in Psychology of language. Topics I have supervised are: emotives in the psychiatric field; what pauses do to the perception of speakers’ personality; communication in voluntary organizations; analysis of poetry; presuppositions.
I offer supervision within my primary research interests: text linguistics, pragmatics; semantics, cognitive science. And topics in Danish language combined with e.g. philosophy of language, philosophy of science or logic.

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