Urban and Architectural Design in the Somali Peninsula: Culture as Resource …

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This chapter resituates the debate on what defines the Somali
society away from security, postcolonial predicaments and current
challenges, into decolonial and indigenous strongpoints and prospects
residing with the versatile Somali culture, with the creative
articulations of life, such as found in the direct and indirect design
of places where we live. It is possible to argue that culture is what
has kept the Somali people together since the Ogaden War of
1977. It is locally the backbone of an increasingly well working
decolonial and democratic society in the Somali Peninsula, and
worldwide it brings the Somali diaspora together across borders
and relate back to the origins in the Peninsula. Culture is perhaps
the singular most important and emphatic bond of Somalis.
TitelTheorising Somali Society : Hope, Transformation and Development
RedaktørerFarah Abdulkadir Osman, Mohamed Eno
Antal sider20
UdgivelsesstedNew Delhi
ForlagAuthors Press
ISBN (Trykt)9789355290465
StatusUdgivet - 2022
NavnPluriverse of Creativity: New Horizons of Planetary Realizations

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