Polar Law as a Burgeoning Discipline

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As an introduction to the Handbook of Polar Law, first, this chapter discusses the emergence of polar law and reviews the development of polar law as a burgeoning discipline. This chapter then highlights four principal features of the Handbook: the Arctic-Antarctic interface; the interaction of global, regional, domestic and Indigenous legal regimes; the rights of Indigenous Peoples; and private law as part of polar law. Furthermore, this chapter considers polar law in a global perspective, focusing particularly on the importance of a legal order in the polar regions, the implications of climate change for the polar regions, the diversity of actors and global tensions – in particular, the Russian aggression on Ukraine. Finally, this chapter outlines the structure of the Handbook.
TitelThe Routledge Handbook of Polar Law
RedaktørerYoshifumi Tanaka, Rachael Johnstone, Vibe Ulfbeck
Antal sider11
ISBN (Trykt)9780367711702
ISBN (Elektronisk)9781003404828
StatusUdgivet - 2023

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