Measurement of hydrogen peroxide vapor in powders with potassium titanium oxide oxalate loaded cellulose pellets as probes

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An image-based method for determining H2O2 vapor pressures in powder systems was developed based on cellulose pellets loaded with potassium titanium oxide oxalate (PTO Pellets) as probe particles. Solid titanyl salts change color after exposure to hydrogen peroxide vapor and the quantitative response of PTO pellets to H2O2 has been established by comparing reactions with H2O2 in liquid and solid states. Analysis of pictures of the color changes of PTO Pellets mixed into powders can be used to monitor the presence of ppm levels of H2O2 vapor inside powder systems such as bleach containing dry detergent powders. • H2O2 vapor quantification in dry systems with titanyl loaded cellulose particles. • Simple fabrication of H2O2 probe particles. • High sensitivity with LOD 0.190 ppm H2O2.

Antal sider13
StatusUdgivet - 2021

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This work was financed by Innovation Fund Denmark through the project: High Quality Dry Products with Superior Functionality and Stability – Q-DRY; File Nr: 5150-00024B.

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© 2021

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