Exploring mind-body detachment following a cardiac event - through a Bourdieusian lens

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  • Joanna Blackwell
  • Hannah Henderson
  • Evans, Adam B.
  • Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson
  • Alison Bunn
Cardiac events can be serious and life-changing. Whilst the physical or bodily (corporeal) effects of a cardiac event are well-researched, little research investigates psychosocial impacts, especially when the two recovery trajectories differ.

Using findings from a study of socio-cultural influences on exercise and health along the cardiac patient journey, this paper explores corporeal and psychosocial recovery and experiences of mind-body detachment.

Ethnographic research, undertaken with people having experienced a cardiac event and their significant others (n=17), explored the cardiac patient journey through participant observation, repeated semi-structured interviews, and reflexive journaling. Bourdieu’s sociological theoretical framework provided a powerful lens through which to analyse data. Written informed consent was obtained from all research participants and from non-participants present during observations. Ethical approval was obtained from NHS Research Ethics Committee and Health Research Authority (Ref: 19/YH/0183).

Whilst the NHS cardiac rehabilitation model includes exercise and psychosocial support, these sub-fields of health care are often only accessed by those whose habitus (dispositions, attitudes, values that shape perceptions and actions) and capital (different resources) support their participation. This is made more difficult by the habitus-shaking effect of ill-health; thus, recovery journeys can be highly complex. Notably, prevailing societal discourses posit ageing-as-decline, making serious ill-health particularly psychosocially difficult to reconcile.

Physical and psychosocial recovery support are already core components of cardiac rehabilitation. However, it is important to acknowledge the complexity of support. This requires health professionals to discuss with patients personalised, socio-culturally informed, flexible approaches to exploring a multitude of interventions and agreeing care plans.

StatusUdgivet - 2023
BegivenhedBritish Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation conference - Cardiff, Storbritannien
Varighed: 5 okt. 20236 okt. 2023


KonferenceBritish Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation conference

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