DAISY model: A dynamic tool to predict biomass accumulation in cereal/grass-legume intercrop

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Intercropping of cereal/grass-legume is an ecological intensification measure where several crop components are grown together to facilitate complementarity between crop species for better utilization of available solar radiation, nutrients and water to maximise biomass productivity (Ghaley et al., 2005). Modelling of intercropping systems are a useful measure to assess biomass production in cereal/grass-legume intercrops and their residual effects on the following bioenergy crops like maize and sorghum to predict the productivity. As the current crop-soil process models are mainly built for monoculture, there is a lack of tools to simulate the biomass accumulation under intercropping contexts. In this study, the objective is to demonstrate the capability of Daisy model to simulate barley-pea intercrop biomass production in Denmark.
Publikationsdatomaj 2019
StatusUdgivet - maj 2019
BegivenhedEUBCE 2019
- Lissabon, Portugal
Varighed: 26 maj 201930 maj 2019


KonferenceEUBCE 2019

ID: 282258578