Biomek®-3000 and GenPlex in Forensic Genetics

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SNP genotyping provides a supplement for conventional STR-based kits currently used for human identification. GenPlex (Applied Biosystems) is a SNP genotyping kit based on a multiplex of 48 informative, autosomal SNPs from the SNPforID Consortium. Our objective was to setup, implement and validate a small and affordable automated liquid handling robot for forensic case work samples (buccal swaps on FTA® paper and Qiagen purified blood).


The reaction scheme consisted of numerous steps and was difficult to perform consistently without an automated liquid handler. Automation was accomplished with a Biomek-3000 (Beckmann Coulter) automated liquid handler using five methods. All methods allowed the user to select the number of subsequent injections to the capillary electrophoresis instrument (AB3130 XL, Applied Biosystems) enabling processing of both partial and full plates.


The results obtained with the Biomek-3000 were compared to results obtained with 15 samples that were processed manually. Subsequently, a total of 286 samples were analyzed in duplicates with the GenPlex reaction using the Biomek-3000. The results were compared to those obtained from the same samples using the SNaPshot® single base extension system. Full concordance of the results was obtained in all but one sample.


The results demonstrate that the Biomek-3000 can perform a series of complex reactions leading to highly consistent forensic genetic SNP typing results.

StatusUdgivet - 2008
BegivenhedLabAutomation2008 - Palm Springs, USA
Varighed: 27 jan. 200830 jan. 2008


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