Tine Nielsen

Tine Nielsen


My main research interests are two-fold: Applied Psychometrics, particularly development, adaptation and translation of psychological measurement scales for use in Higher Education Psychology and Health-related Psychology. Main topics are related to both areas; self-efficacy, motivation, opportunities for learning, field practice during higher education, psychological barriers for learning statistics, student well-being, perceived stress and perceived lack of control. I'm also involved in a number of studies related to psychotraumatology and I do methodological work as well. 

I started the PsychMeasure collaborative research unit, while at the University of Southern Denmark, and in 2016 founded the Danish Measurement Network (DM), where a group of researchers with a common background and measurement interest met four times a year.  

I'm a member of the Editorial Board of Quantitative Psychology and Measurement for Frontiers in Psychology and Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, and has previously been Subject Editor (Psychometrics and Higher Education) at the Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research. I'm also a member of a number of research and teaching interest groups including: the Psychometric Society, the European Rasch Research and Teaching Group (ERRTG), an International Rasch discussion group (the Matilda Bay Club), European Association for Research in Teaching and Learning (EARLI), the International Study Association for Teachers and Teaching (ISATT).    

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