Mariane Hedegaard

Mariane Hedegaard

Professor Emerita

Research fields

  • Children’s play and learning
  • Children’s everyday life in families
  • Children’s transition from daycare to school
  • Teaching and learning in school and daycare
  • Immigrant children in education
  • Youth and art

Research group memberships

2013              Member of: The Executive Committee for ISCAR (The International Society for Research Cultural-historical and Activity Theory)

2010              Honorary doctorate at Pablo de Olavide University, Seville

2008-             Honouree Research Fellow at Department of Education Bath University connected with centre CSAT

2008-             Member of: The Editorial Board of the journal Learning Culture and Social Interaction

2005-             Head of: CHACDOC (Cultural-Historical Approaches to Children’s Development and Childhood) a section at ISCAR

2003-:            Organiser and head of Centre for PPUK  (Person, Practice, Udvikling  (Development) and Culture (Kultur)), Department of Psychology, Copenhagen University

2002-2010     Co-editor of the journal of Social Cultural Studies: Outlines

2002-             Member of: The editorial board of Mind, Culture and Activity, an International Journal

1998-2000     President for ISCRAT (The International Society for Cultural-Historical Research in Activity Theory).

1987-89:        Member of the Child-Youth (BUPL) Council of Developmental Research, Copenhagen 

1986-:            Member of the Standing Committee for ISCRAT (The International Society for Cultural-Historical Research in Activity Theory).


  • Convenor of PPUK (Practice, Person, Development, Culture) Centre Department of Education Copenhagen University
  • Research interests: (1) Studying children in their everyday life across different institutions.  The focus is children’s activities across different institutional practices, home, school and after school activities, and to follow how children’s activities in families influences their activities in school and after school and vice versa. (2) Formulating a cultural-historical methodology for studying children’s development in everyday settings  drawing on the cultural-historical approach of L.S. Vygotsky and the phenomenology approach of Alfred Schutz, where both institutional practice and children’s motives and engagement is in-cooperated.

Current research projects

  • Children’s play and learning
  • Children’s everyday life in families
  • Children’s transition from daycare to school
  • Screening of 3 and 5 years old children in Greenland and development of educational intervention


Bachelor education
Developmental psychology (course coordinator)

Master education
Community psychology
Courses and Master theses

PH.D. Education
Courses and supervision

Selected publications

Book Publications

Hedegaard, M & Fleer, M. (2013). Play, learning and children’s development. Everyday life in families and transition to school. New York: Cambridge University Press.

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Hedegaard, M. (2015 in press). Imagination and emotion in children’s play: A cultural-historical approach. International Journal of Early Education.

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Hedegaard, M., Munk, K.,  Sørensen, K. & Hülsen, J. (2015 ). Livsduelighed, leg og læring. Værdi-diskussion knyttet til børns overgange fra børnehave til skole. Pædagogsik Psykologisk Tidskrift.

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children’s activity in everyday local settings as foundation for their development. Mind Culture and Activity, 16(1).

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Hedegaard, M. (2005). Strategies for dealing with conflicts in value positions between home and school: Influence on ethnic minority student's development of motives and identity. Culture & Psychology, 11, no 2, 187-205.

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