Lars Stoumann Jensen

Lars Stoumann Jensen


My Professorship covers the area of soil biological fertility as influenced by manure and waste products, both in terms of research and teaching.

Research My major research focus has been on biological soil fertility and the influence of organic matter decomposition processes on nutrient turnover in agro-ecosystems. However, with the exponential growth of industrialised animal production, both in developed countries like Denmark and in many developing countries (SE Asia), animal manure is becoming a major waste product, requiring safe, sustainable and sanitary management. Urban waste management approaches are also undergoing rapid changes, which have particular impacts on nutrient cycling opportunities in many countries. When waste is utilised on arable land, its fertilizer value and effects on soil quality should be optimised and negative effects of xenobiotics and pathogens on ecosystem and human health should be eliminated. My recent research focus has thus been broadened to also cover these areas. In our research group we have therefore organised activities in two platforms, namely:

Soil organic matter, soil quality and nutrient turnover - Fundamental processes and factors controlling the decomposition of organic matter, nutrient turnover and soil quality - Model development of soil organic matter and nutrient turnover - Biogeochemical processes controlling nutrient and contaminant availability and mobility

Utilisation of agricultural and urban waste as fertilizer - Land application of animal manures and other waste products from agriculture, industry and society and their fertiliser value and effects on soil quality, gas emissions and nutrient losses to the environment. - Methods for biological treatment of organic waste and residue materials and refinement into products of higher-value (e.g. soil conditioners, top-dressings) or energy (e.g. bioethanol, fuel). - Nutrient recycling of human waste from cities to agriculture in peri-urban areas

These two platforms are of course closely related and shares central competences on organic matter decomposition and nutrient turnover. For further info on

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Teaching and education (not entirely up to date) a) Pedagogical training and education b) Participation in development of programmes and courses c) Development of teaching materials d) Student supervision at BSc, MSc and PhD-level - BSc project students - MSc thesis students - PhD. students e) Experience with examination and censorship f) Other teaching related activities

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