Lars Stoumann Jensen

Lars Stoumann Jensen


Short CV - Lars Stoumann Jensen, Professor of Soil Fertility and Organic Waste Recycling (Aug 2022)

Research area

My research deals with soil biogeochemistry, in particular fundamental soil C, N and P turnover following recy­cling of organic materials such as crop residues, manures and biowaste as biobased fertilisers. My research also covers nutrient utilisation and fertiliser value, as well as gaseous (e.g. NH3, N2O, CH4) and aquatic (NO3-, PO42-) emissions from land application of these recycled products. Finally, mechanistic modelling of these processes, and model use for overall system analysis and environmental impact assessment are favourites.


1994: PhD in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition, Royal Vet. & Agricultural Univ. (KVL), Dept. Agricultural Sciences.

1990: M.Sc. in Agriculture, Royal Vet. & Agricultural Univ., DK. MSc thesis in Chemistry.


2015: Professor of Soil Fertility and Organic Waste Recycling, at KU-PLEN.

2007: Professor (with special responsibilities), Soil Biological Fertility as Influenced by Manure and Waste, KU.

1999: Associate Professor at the Plant and Soil Science Lab., Dept. of Agricultural Sciences, KVL.

1996: Assistant Professor at the Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Lab., Dept. of Agricultural Sciences, KVL.

1995: Research Fellow at the Danish Root Zone Centre.


2014-2021: Member, and from 2019-2021 Chairperson, of the EU Nitrogen Expert Panel (

2015-2019: Research group leader, Soil Fertilty, KU-PLEN.

2019-now: Head of Plant and Soil Section, KU-PLEN.

2012-2014: Director, Center Sustainable Agriculture & Forestry Systems, cross-faculty, interdisciplinary centre.

2003-2008: Study Director BSc program in Natural Resources and MSc program in Agriculture, KVL / KU-LIFE.


Involved in teaching at BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Main contributions in Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility (MSc) and Animals and Sustainability (MSc)


I have supervised +75 BSc & MSc thesis students, 37 PhD students (4 current as main) and +15 postdocs.


2015: Recipient of award from Ulrik and Marie Brinch's Foundation for creating a new research field.

Recent grants and projects

During 2018-2022, I have contributed to 15 funded projects, totalling +65 mio DKK for PLEN. A few main ones:

2019-2024 PI of “CatCap – Catch Crops for Carbon Capture“, Min. Agriculture, 16.8 mio DKK total / 10.4 PLEN.

2019-2023 WP-lead “LEX4BIO - Optimizing Bio-based Fertilisers in Agriculture’ EU H2020, 50 / 4 mio DKK PLEN.

2020-2023 PI of “FertiCycle – New Bio-based Fertilisers from Organic Waste Upcycling“ EU MSC-ITN, 31 / 9.1.


Peer-reviewed publications total (aug. 2022) = 200; total citations 8022; H-index = 49 (Scopus). See further info under tab Research Outputs.


Phd., Cand. Agro

ID: 4223886