Kurt Buchmann

Kurt Buchmann


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    Name: Kurt Buchmann


    Title: Professor, M.Sc., Ph.D., D.V.Sc.

    Leader of the Research School and network of researchers SCOFDA (2001-2013)

    Leader of the Research Network Fishnet (www.fishnet.dk) (May 2003-January 2004)

    Leader of the Danish Fish Immunology Research Network DAFINET (www.dafinet.dk) from January 2009-2013

    Work-place address:

    Laboratory of Aquatic Pathobiology

    Department of Veterinary Disease Biology

    Faculty of Health and medical Sciences

    University of Copenhagen

    Stigbøjlen 7, DK-1870 Frederiksberg C


    Date of birth: April 10, 1955

    Nationality: Danish

    Marital status: Married, two daughters

    Research topics:

    Fish Pathology, Fish Immunology, Vaccinology, Pathogen/Host Interactions,

    Disease Control, Aquaculture

    Employment record:

    1983 Aquaculture consultant (eel and trout-farming), County of Bornholm

    1984 Senior high school teacher education, Rønne Statsskole, Bornholm

    1984 - 1985 Scientific assistent, (cod biology and quality), Technical laboratory, Ministry of Fisheries, TechnicalUniversity, Lyngby (DTU)

    1986-1989 Ph.D. student, (parasites in eel and trout), KVL, Royal Veterinary and AgriculturalUniversity, Frederiksberg

    1989-1992 Senior Research Fellow, (fish immunology and drug resistance), KVL

    1992 Researcher, parasitic, (bacterial and fungal infections of cod larvae), KVL

    1992-1993 Researcher, (control of parasite infections in carp), (Indonesia), KVL

    1993-1995 Researcher, (fish Immunology, diseases in rainbow trout), KVL

    1995-1998 Associate professor, (fish immunology, fish pathology, parasites in rainbow trout, vaccination of salmon), KVL

    1998-1999 Associate professor, (fish immunology, protozoan parasites in salmonids, parasite-host interactions), KVL

    2000-2005 Research Council Professor (Veterinary Fish Parasitology) funded by the Danish Research Agency

    2001-2005 Leader of the research school SCOFDA

    2003-2004 Acting leader of the Fishnet.dk network

    2005- Professor (Aquatic Pathobiology)


    University teaching:

    KB has a formal education in teaching through a five months intensive teaching course (senior high school) with theoretical and practical examinations (paedagogical diploma) from 1984.  Responsible for M. Sc. university courses “Aquaculture – 6 ECTS”, “Aquatic Biology – 6 ECTS”, “Parasitological Methods – 9 ECTS”, “Ecological Parasitology – 24 ECTS”. “Aquaculture – 7.5 ECTS”, “Fish Diseases – Theory and Practice – 7.5 ECTS”, “Aquaculture and Fish Diseases – 15 ECTS” and the fish disease course for veterinary students “Clinics and Pathology - Fish Diseases” at KVL (University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Life Sciences). KB is also Danish partner in the NOVA-University M.Sc. education in “Aquaculture” (www.nova-university.org) and is responsible for the University of Copenhagen Ph.D. courses “Diagnosis and Control of Fish Diseases in Aquaculture” conducted twice a year since 1999. KB has in the period 1987-2009 been teaching fish parasitology, fish bacteriology, fish immunology, fish pathology, aquatic biology, aquatic pathobiology, aquaculture at KVL (the University of Copenhagen since 2007). Contributions to courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. levels in Experimental Animals at University of Copenhagen, Medical School (SUND), Animal Science (Animals, humans and society) and Health and welfare. Supervisor for 17 Ph.D. students, 45 M.Sc. students and B.Sc. students from KVL and the University of Copenhagen. In this context ad hoc seminars and courses has been organised by KB. Especially the regular bi-weekly or monthly meetings in the period January 1997 to April 2005 (Fish Immunology Journal Club) organised by KB can be mentioned. These meetings aim at presenting and discussing recent high quality scientific papers with students and collaborators.

    Publications: More than 270 papers in international and peer-reviewed scientific journals og et H-index på 40. Five books and six chapters in books. More than 550 popular scientific articles. Several research reports and a D.V. Sc. dissertation and a Ph.D. thesis.

    Ph.d. supervision of 22 students 1999-2018

    M.Sc. and B.Sc. supervision of 72 students 1993-2018


    Research centre and research school leadership: In charge of several research projects funded by national and international agencies (EU). Leader of the research network and research school SCOFDA funded by the Danish Agricultural and Veterinary Research Council (2001-2005). Leader of umbrella network Fishnet (www.fishnet.dk) including networks for for fisheries biology (SLIP), Fisheries Economy (FAME), Fish Physiology (FIBP), Aquaculture (SCOFDA) and Marine Archaeology and Environmental History (MARINERS) (May 2003-January 2004). Leader of the Danish Fish Immunology Centre and Research Network DAFINET (www.dafinet.dk) 2009-2013.


    Recent relevant publications:

    Huyse, T., Buchmann, K., Littlewood, T. (2008). The mitochondrial genome of Gyrodactylus derjavinoides (Platyhelminthes: Monogenea) – a mitogenomic approach for Gyrodactylus species and strain identification. Gene 417: 27-34.


    Jørgensen, L. Von G., Heinecke, R. D., Kania, P., Buchmann, K. (2008) Occurrence of gyrodactylids on wild Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., in Danish rivers. Journal of Fish Diseases 31: 127-134.


    Skov, J., Kania, P. W., Jørgensen, T. R., Buchmann, K. (2008). Molecular and morphometric study of metacercariae and adults of Pseudamphistomum truncatum (Opisthorchiidae) from roach Rutilus rutilus and wild American mink Mustela vison. Vet. Parasitol. 155: 209-216.


    Skov, J., Kania, P. W., Dalsgaard, A., Jørgensen, T. R., Buchmann, K. (2009). Life cycle stages of heterophyid trematodes in Vietnamese freshwater fishes traced by molecular and morphometric methods. Veterinary Parasitology 160: 66-75.


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    dr.med.vet., ph.d., cand.scient.

    ID: 1784355