Kia Ditlevsen

Kia Ditlevsen


Kia Ditlevsen’s research centers on social inequality and its expression in food consumption, lifestyle and health behavior. She has extensive experience in qualitative research with so-called ‘hard-to-reach’ groups in society, including ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups. Recent research projects addresses social inequality in household food practices and food consumption, consumption of alternative foods, and social differentiation of consumer preference for authenticity and environmental-friendly food products.

Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

Course coordinator and lecturer: The Sociology of Food and Eating (IFRO, KU), Introduction to Social Science Methods (IFRO, KU) and Public health and Nutrition (NEXS, KU).


Ulighed, fattigdom, køn, sundhed og reguleringspolitik, hverdagslige interaktioner, madsociologi, sundhedssociologi, madforbrug, bæredygtighed

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