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    Curriculum vitae and publications for Conny Bruun Asmussen Lange

    Work place

                       Department of Plant- and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen (UC), Thorvaldsens vej 40, DK-1958 Frederiksberg C, Denmark. Phone: 0045 35 33 28 03. E-mail:

    Personal data

                       Born 6. April 1964 in Gram, Southern Jutland, Denmark (Danish citizen). Married and have a 9-year old daughter. Live in Brønshøj, Denmark.


    1995            Ph.D. in Botany, Dept. of Systematic Botany, University of Aarhus, April 1995. Ph.D. thesis: Phylogeny, taxonomy, and evolution of the genus Lathyrus (Fabaceae).  Including a 15 months stay inDr. Aaron Liston’s molecular-systematics lab, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA, July 1993 - July 1994, November 1994 – January 1995. Supervisors: Professor Kai Larsen, Professor Susanne Renner and Associate professor, Anders Barfod.

    1992            M.Sc. in Biology, Dept. of Systematic Botany, University of Aarhus, November 1992.  Master thesis: Systematics and reproductive biology within the genus Lathyrus (in Danish). Supervisors: Professor Kai Larsen and Professor Susanne Renner.


    2009–          Associate Professor with special qualifications (Lektor msk,. lektor med særlige kvalifikationer).

    2000–          Associate Professor (Lektor) at Department of Agriculture and Ecology, Univ. of Copenhagen.

    2000            Research librarian at Botanical Museum and Library, Univ. of Copenhagen (May – Aug 2000).

    1998-2000   Post Doc. at Botanical Institute, Univ. of Copenhagen, on a grant from the Carlsberg foundation. Work place: Jodrell Laboratory and Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, working with Mark Chase and John Dransfield, May 1998 - April 2000. Grant from Carlsberg Foundation.

    1995-1998   Post Doc. at Centre for Tropical Biodiversity, Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen, June 1995 - May 1998.  Hereof 17 months in Dr. Jeff J. Doyle's molecular systematics lab and the palm herbarium, L.H. Bailey Hortorium, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA, November 1995 - April 1997. Grant from SNF, National Science Foundation.

    1990-1994   Teaching assistant at Department of Systematic Botany, University of Aarhus

    Additional information: 1) and 2)
    Prices and Awards

    2009            The Council of Botanical and Horticultural Libraries (CBHL) Annual award for a significant work in botanical or horticultural literature. The award was presented to “Genera Palmarum: the evolution and classification of palms”.

    Management experience and competences

    2012–          Head of Plant Systematics research group.

    2006–          Manager, co-PI and co-creater of “Den virtuelle flora”.

    2005–          Head of the Herbarium at Frederiksberg Campus, Univ. of Copenhagen (herbarium acronym = CP).

    2000–          Manager of the DNA-laboratory at the Botany Group.

    2007–2015   Bord member, designer and co-manager of “Heritage at UC-LIFE, “Kulturarv på KU-LIFE”.

    2010–2012   Head of Botany Section, Dept. of Agriculture and Ecology, UC-LIFE (1. May 2010-1. Aug 2012).

    1. Union official for all academic staff members at Department of Agriculture and Ecology.

      2000-2005   Management-representative in the health and safety organization at Dept. of Ecology, UC.

      2011            Completed Management course at University of Copenhagen.

      2005            Completed two courses: “Project manager” at Implement and “Where does the money come from?”

      2004            Completed four courses: Administrative law (Forvaltningsret), Academic Staff agreement (AC-overenskomst). Human Resource Management (Personalepolitik). Negotiation (Forhandlingsteknik)


    2011-2015   Ph.D.-Scholarship and project:  Phylogeny and diversity of the Moss genus Plagiothecium (awarded to PhD student Justin Thomas Wynns).

    2012-2013   Henrik Tofte Jacobsens Legat: Enough is enough: collecting plastid DNA sequences for the phylogeny of palms (awarded to master student project by Uffe Brandt Andersen).

    2010-2011   Henrik Tofte Jacobsens Legat: Relationships and DNA barcodes in Palms

    2007-2009   Co-PI on the FNU-funded project “Molecular Systematics – Limits and Challenges.”

    2007-2009   Co-PI on the FNU-funded project “Modelling Neotropical palm diversity – based on taxonomic, phylogenetic, ecological and structural evidence”.

    2006–          PI on the virtual flora funded by Augustinus foundation:

    2003-2011   Co-PI of the EU-funded SYNTHESYS Network Activity E: Developing storage and retrieval systems for new types of collections and their products (

    2003-2006   Co-PI on the SNF-funded project “Assembling the Tree of Life – Evolution, Phylogeny, and Diversity of the Monocotyledones.”

    Member of national and international organizations

    2005–          Member of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Palm Specialist Group.

    2005–          Research associate at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden, Miami, Florida, USA.

    2001–          Represents UC in DanBIF, Danish node of GBIF, Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

    2002-2008   Board member and Co-PI of ISOBIS (International Ph.-D. School of Biodiversity Sciences).

    Other academic business

    2014-           Member of the Communication Committee at Dept. of Plant- and Environmental Sciences.

    2014            Head of evaluation committee of Ph.D. Thesis by Katarzyna Kuligowska, Univ. of Copenhagen.

    2011            Symposium organizer at the International Botanical Congress in Melbourne, Australia.

    2010            Member of evaluation committee for post.doc. position, Dept. of Agriculture and Ecology

    2010            Member of evaluation committee for Professor in invasive species, Dept. of Agriculture & Ecology

    2008            Member of evaluation committee for Associate Professor position in zoology at Dept. of Ecology.

    2005            External examiner of the Ph.D. part A Thesis of Philipp Trénel, Biological Inst., Univ. of Aarhus

    2004            Member of the committee to evaluate external examination at the EVA Audit of U. of Copenhagen

    2003, 2004   Member of the evaluation committee for GBIFs EDIT grants for data basing and digitizing natural science collections

    2003            Symposium organizer at III International Monocot conference, Ontario, USA

    2003            External examiner at the Ph.D. part A Thesis of Piyakaset Suksathan, Biological Inst, Univ. Aarhus

    2003            Member of the evaluation committee for Ph.D. grants, Biological Institute, Univ of Copenhagen

    2001            Head of the evaluation committee of Ph.D. Thesis by Lone Ågesen University of Copenhagen.

    Reviewer for  Aliso, American Journal of Botany, Annals of Botany, Canadian Journal of Botany, Kew Bulletin, Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, Palms, Rhodora, Systematic Biology.  Book reviewer for CSIRO Publ., Brill Acad. Publ.

    University of Copenhagen

                       2010 to present: course responsible for three courses: Dyrs og Planters Diversitet [Diversity of Animals and Plants], Botanik [Botany], Herbarium og digitalisering [Herbarium and digitisation], teacher at Tema: Plantevidenskab [Thematic course in Plant Science].

                       2000-2010: course responsible for three courses: Kulturplanters Botanik [Botany of cultivated plants], Almen Landbrugs Botanik [General Agricultural Botany], Herbarium i Almen Landbrugsbotanik [Herbarium in Agricultural Botany]), teacher at four courses Dyrkede Planter: variation og fylogeni [Variation and phylogeny of cultivated plants], Kulturplanter [Cultivated Plants], Bioteknologi [BIotechnology], and Tropisk Botanik [Tropical Botany].

                       1997: supervisor on palm project.

    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (1998-2000), Cornell University (1995-1997) and Oregon State University (1993-1995): teaching Ph.D. students and researchers DNA lab techniques, primer design, and computer analyses.

    University of Aarhus (1990-1994): teaching assistant on four courses in Botany.

    Ph.D. courses taught

    Phylogenetic Analysis of Morphological Data, ad hoc course for Uffe Strandby (2007-2008).

    Inferring and Dating Phylogenies, ad hoc course for Argelia Cuenca Navarro (2005-2006).

    Phylogenetic systematics and historical biogeography, Ph.D. course at Biological Institute (2003, 2005).

    B.Sc. students

    Benedicte Grann. 2015. Slægtskabsforhold og udbredelse af de danske arter af slægten Lathyrus. [Relationships and distribution of the Danish species of the genus Lathyrus].

    Noelle Kehli. 2013. DNA barcoding the legumes of Thy Nationalpark, Denmark.

    Maria Helena Christensen.  2012. Fylogeni og bevaringsbiologi af Fladbælg i Danmark. [Phylogeny and conservation biology of Lathyrus in Denmark].

    Nicoline Havskov Reghev. 2012. GMOafgrøder og miljøpåvirkning. [GMO crops and invironmental impact].

    Ida Vedel-Pedersen. 2012. Stregkode-identifikation af Vikker i Danmark og betydning for naturforvaltning. [DNA barcode identification of Vetches in Denmark and the importance for nature management].

    Mette Vagner Iversen aktiv 2011. Identifikation af Lathyrus vha. DNAstregkoder. -Metode, brugbarhed og fremtidig potentiale. [Identification of Lathyrus based on DNA barcodes. Method, usability, and future potential].

    Lisa Havmøller Pedersen.  2011.  Identifikation af kløverarter vha. DNA-stregkoder.

    Cathrine Heinz Ingvordsen.  2006. Genetisk diversitet af Brassica rapa baseret på AFLP. [Genetic diversity of Brassica rapa based on AFLP].

    Kristiana Thuesen.  2006. Genetisk variation i vild og dyrket Brassica rapa baseret på Inter simple sequence repeat (ISSR) makørmetoden. [Genetic variation in wild and cultivated Brassica rapa based on Inter simple sequence repaet (ISSR) marker method].

    Nanna Eilersen Fournaise. 2006. The frequency of volunteers of Brassica napus in organic cultivated B. napus fields.

    Nanna Karkov Ytting. 2005.  Genetic diversity in wild and cultivated Nordic Brassica rapa based on Inter Simple Sequence Repeat (ISSR) analysis.

    Kirsten Maren Ellegaard. 2005.  Genetic diversity in Annona purpurea.

    Hjörtur Thorbjörnsson. 2005.  Genetic diversity in Lathyrus japonicus in Iceland – an AFLP analysis.

    M.Sc. students

    Loise Holmberg.  Active.  Systematics of Platanthera biflora.

    Uffe Brandt Andersen.  2013.  When is enough enough? Collecting sequences from plastid DNA regions for the phylogeny of the palm family (Arecaceae)

    Hjörtur Thorbjörnson.  2007.  Phylogeny of the genus Trifolium.

    Betina Tykgaard Mortensen.  2004.  AFLP-analyse af genetisk variation i Lathyrus japonicus i Danmark – samt kromosomtælling på L. japonicus. [AFLP-analysis of genetic variation in Lathyrus japonicus in Denmark and chromosome counting in L. japonicus]

    Anders Søndergaard Larsen.  2004.  Genetisk variation og hybridisering i danske populationer af skovæble (Malus sylvestris). [Genetic variation and hybridization in Danish populations of wild apple (Malus sylvestris)]

    Ph.D. students

    Justin Thomas Wynns. 2015. Molecular phylogeny and systematic revision of the pleurocarpous moss genus Plagiothecium.

    Argelia Cuenca Navarro. 2007. Molecular systematics of the palm tribe Chamaedoreeae.

    Post docs

    Amelia Ann Green.  2014-. Working with many aspects of Clover biology.

    Julissa Roncal.  2005-2006.  Worked on phylogeny and evolution of the palm tribe Geonomeae.

    Courses completed

    2009            Workshop on Geo-referencing.

    2005            Two courses: Advanced Powerpoint, Multimedia with mediator.

    2004            Three courses: Didactic in teaching, How to make teaching material, Steward of public employees (TR på den offentlige arbejdsplads).

    2003            Two courses: E-learning, Course in appraisal interview (Medarbejderudviklings-samtale).

    2002            Four courses: Online teaching and moderating, Taking the campus online, CampusNet, Teaching lab safety, Study trip to the Agricultural Advisory Centre (Landbrugets Rådgivningscenter).

    2001            Course on Supervision of students.

    2000            WEA statutory work environment training (Arbejdstilsynets lovpligtige Arbedsmiljø-uddannelse).

    Peer reviewed publications

    1. Asmussen-Lange, C.B.  In press.  Lathyrus L.  In Jonsell, B. (ed.).  Flora Nordica. Vol. 2.  SBT-förlaget, Sweden.  18 pp.
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    4. Wynns, J.T. and Asmussen-Lange, C.B. 2014. A comparison of 16 different DNA regions for use as phylogenetic markers in the pleurocarpous moss genus Plagiothecium (Hypnales). American Journal of Botany 101: 1-18.
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    Other Publications

    1. Seberg, O. and Lange, C.B.A. 2012.  Kært barn har for mange navne – Dansk Botanisk Forenings Plantenavneudvalg. URT 36: 124-126.

    2. Lange, C.B.A. and Jacobsen, N.  2010.  Biologisk Nomenklatur.  Department of Agriculture and Ecology, KU- LIFE, 7 pages.

    3. Lange, C.B.A and Lange, C.  2010.  Levende Verden – introduction til livets evolution og klassifikation.  Department of Agriculture and Ecology, KU- LIFE, 86 pp.

    4. Larsen, A.S., Kjær, E.D., Lange, C.B.A.  2006.  Når landskabets vilde – og knap så vilde – æbletræer mødes.  Årbog for Fonden for Træer og Miljø.  Fonden for Træer og Miljø, pp., 27-34.

    5. Asmussen, C.B.  2005.  Den Nye Nordiske Flora (boganmeldelse).  URT 29: 78-80.

    The press

    1. Interview to Magisterbladet. Published in Magisterbladet nr. 12, 17. August 2012 page 32-33 ”Hun værner om Danmarks vilde planter”.

    2. Interview to Politiken.  Published in Politiken 30. juni 2011, page 6 in ”DNA-test giver ny viden om nyttige kokosnødder”.

    3. Interviewet to Forsker Forum.  Published in Forsker Forum 232, March 2010, page 16 in ”Botanik-udfasning: hvem skal bestemme arter”.


    H-index = 15, when all peer-reveiwed papers are included (12 in WoS)


    ID: 4235102