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Carsten Rahbek


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    I'm the director of Center for Macroecology Evolution and Climate (CMEC) and have an active interest in all its research activities.

    My main personal research interests are patterns of species distribution, species range sizes, species assemblages, species richness and what determines such patterns (contemporary and historical factors or perhaps also just a bit of chance). Recent focus has been on the issue of climate change, the role of scale and conceptual formulation and practical design of null- and predictive models that allow direct testing of hypotheses related to patterns of diversity in the past, today and in the future. The natural "other side" of my research relates how evolutionary and ecographical principles can be used to identify robust priorities for conservation of biodiversity.


    Biodiversity (3. year, block 1), lecturer.
    Conservation Biology (3. year, block 2), responsible teacher and lecturer.
    Macroecology (Masterlevel, 4. year, block 4), responsible teacher and lecturer.

    Other information

    Elected member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters
    Elected Member of The International Ornithological Committee
    Country representative for International Biogeography Society
    Fulbright Scholar
    Editor-in-Chief of Ecography;
    Subject Editor of Journal of Ornithology
    On the publication board of Oikos, Ecography and Journal of Avian

    Elected member of "Akademisk Råd", Faculty of Science, UC
    Member of the board and Director of Admittance of (the Danish) International Ph.D. School of Biodiversity Sciences (ISOBIS)

    ID: 5910