Camilla Trab Damsgaard

Camilla Trab Damsgaard


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I investigate how foods, such as fish and wholegrain, and nutrients, such as vitamin D, affect childrens’ cardiometabolic risk profile, in order to prevent later type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. I was the first to show that fish oil can reduce blood pressure in young children and have demonstrated cardiometabolic benefits of school meals rich in fish and vege­tables in Danish children. I also study the effects of childhood nutrition on immune function and cog­nitive function, and have developed a laboratory method to measure ex vivo cytokines. I have a strong background in nutrition and physiology and thorough training in statistics and epidemi­olo­gical methods but find great value in interdisciplinary collaborations from genetics to public health.

During the last 10 years I have specialized in designing and leading randomized clinical trials in children. As leader of the currently running FiSK Junior trial, the ODIN Junior vitamin D trial and the OPUS School Meal Study, where we provided school meals to more than 800 children, I design the study protocols, decide laboratory analyses, hire staff, assure progress and achievement of milestones, am in charge of budgeting and article writing, and lead teams of PhD students and technical staff with sparring from my colleague professors. In the OPUS Study I had close interaction with schools, teachers, parents and private and public companies and the FiSK study includes a large communication part where we disseminate evidence-based knowledge about fish and health to the public, through events and exhibitions at four Danish aquariums.


Profound experience with clinical trials on health effects of nordic foods and n-3 pufa and trained in teaching, leadership and project management



2005-2008  PhD in Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen (KU).

2007            Research in England w/ Prof. Philip Calder, Inst. Human Nutrition, Univ. of Southampton

2002-2005  MSc in Human Nutrition, LIFE, KU.

2003             Exchange student at Cornell University, New York, USA.

1998-2002    BSc in Biology, Faculty of Science, KU.



2010–present Assistant Professor in Child nutrition, Dep. Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, KU.

2008-2010     Post doc in preventive nutrition, Dep. Human Nutrition, LIFE, KU.    

Maternity leave Sept 2008 – Sept 2009



2012              Leadership Course, KU & Summit Consulting

2012              Certified to teach in English, CIP, KU

2011-2012     Introd. to University Pedagogy + Higher Education Teaching, Dep. Science Education, KU

2010              Project Management for Researchers, Implement Consulting Group, Copenhagen.

2007              13th European Nutrition Leadership Programme (ENLP), Wageningen Univ., Luxembourg.



2012    The FLIK-Prize 2012 (10.000 kr), The Association of Food Scientists, Denmark

2012    Top 11 New Investigator Prize, International Society for the Study of Fatty Acids & Lipids

2009    LIFE Academic Prize 2009 (10.000 kr), Faculty of Life Sciences, KU  



Research area covers the effects of Nordic foods, n-3 PUFA and protein on cardiovascular risk markers and bone growth in children of different ages as well as adults. Managed 3 larger randomized trials with up to >800 participants. Responsible for the detailed study design, achievement of milestones, budgets, laboratory analyses and organizing the work of up to 30 persons. Strong collaborations with public stakeholders, the food industry and trained in communicating results to researchers, TV and news media. 



- Taught more than 15 courses within nutrition, dietary methods, cardiovascular disease, immunology, public health, project work, and intervention planning at BSc-, MSc- and PhD-level 2004-2013.

- Course responsible for 3 repeated MSc- and PhD-courses 2005-2013.

- Supervisor for 9 BSc/MSc students, 2 PhD students and several student project groups 2005-2013.

- Has completed the Assistant Professor Teaching Training Programme and am certified as an English-medium teacher at university level. 

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