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Anne Raben


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Anne B Raben


Current position, work place

Professor, Ph.D.

Head of the Unit for Obesity Research

Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Factulty of Science, University of Copenhagen

Rolighedsvej 30, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Denmark

E-mail:   Phone: +45 – 21 30 69 12




Summary of skills:  

Science: More than 25 years of research in the prevention and treatment of obesity and the related diseases, type-2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Main focus has been on nutrition and health, but also on as drug-induces changes in body weight, appetite regulation, energy expenditure, metabolic parameters and risk markers. Furthermore, a few years’ experience with oncology, obstetrics, and neurology research.

Leadership: Currently, overall project coordinator of the FP7 EU project PREVIEW (2013 – 2018). Further, long-term experience as project leader of numerous short and long-term clinical intervention studies within lifestyle and drug development. Currently, also head of research group of about 10 scientific employees. Previously, head of the Obesity research unit at UCPH, NEXS.

Methodology: Analytical mindset, flair for data and statistics, result- and goal-orientated, good at prioritizing, focused on dead-lines as well as quality. Organized and structured. Out-going and internationally minded, independently working, but enjoying team work as well as leadership. Developed communicative skills. Flair for financial handlings and budgets. Large national and international network in the scientific community.





Educational Institution:


Master of Industrial Drug Development: Non-clinical Safety and Toxicology.

Drug Regulatory Affairs in Drug Developm.

Farmaceutical faculty, University of Copenhagen, DK.

2004 & 2009

Qualification for Professorship

Department of Human Nutrition, RVAU  LIFE, University of Copenhagen, DK


Good Clinical Practice, GCP

Brookwood Course, Surrey, UK


Ph.D. degree. Thesis: "Appetite and carbohy­drate metabolism"

Research Depart­ment of Human Nutrition, R Royal Veterinary & Agricultural University (RVAU), Copenhagen, DK


M.Sc. in Food and Nutrition (Cand. brom.)

RVAU, Copenhagen, DK


Diploma in Theoretical Physiology

August Krogh Institute, Univ. of Cph, DK


General Certificate of Education: Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics (Matematisk Studentereksamen)

”De Gymnasiale Suppleringskurser”, Hellerup, DK

1981+ 85

Quadrilingual Commercial correspondent (Danish + English, French & German)

The CopenhagenSchool of Economics and Business Administration (Handelshøjskolen)


Examination in Commercial Languages

L’Institut Catholique, Paris, France


General Certificate of Education in Languages (Nysproglig Studentereksamen)

Gl. Hellerup Gymnasium, Hellerup, DK



Professional experience


August 2010 -

Professor, University of Copenhagen, DK

Professor and Head of the Unit for Obesity research (2010 - ) at the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports, Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, DK.

Jun 2008-July 2010

Clinical Project Manager, NeuroSearch A/S, Ballerup, DK

Clinical Project Manager (Senior Clinical Scientist) on a drug for the treatment of obesity (tesofensine) and type-2 diabetes. Responsible for Clinical Development Plan, Investigators Brochure, Phase 1- 3 clinical trials.

Sep 2007-May 2008

International Clinical Trial Manager, Genmab, Copenhagen, DK

International Clinical Trial Manager of a First-in-Man study on a fully humanized antibody for the treatment of multiple myeloma: Safety, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics.

Oct 2005-Aug 2007

Clinical Pharmacology Scientist, Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd DK

International Trial Manager of phase-1 studies on new drugs for treatment of obesity as well as modern insulin in diabetes: First-in-Man, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Safety.

Jan 2004-Sep 2005

Clinical Development Scientist, Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd, DK

International Trial Manager of a phase-IV, multinational, multi-centre study in pregnant type-1 diabetic women involving 18 countries and 90 sites: Safety for mother & child, hypoglycaemic events

Aug 2002-Jan 2003

Senior Scientist, The Swedish Nutrition Foundation, Lund, Sweden (Sabbatical from permanent position at the RVAU, Cph, DK)

Apr 1998-Dec 2003

Associate Professor, Department of Human Nutrition, Centre of Food Science, RVAU, Cph, DK

Dec 1994-Mar 1998

Assistant Professor, Dep. of Human Nutrition, RVAU, Cph, DK.


Publications and presentations:

  • First or co-author of about 125 scientific publications, of which about 95 peer-reviewed papers.
  • First of co-author of about 170 abstracts (of which about 80 published in proceedings), 20 letters/commentaries and 50 popular science papers
  • More than 130 oral and 70 poster presentations at national and international conferences/meetings.
  • Referee for Eur J Clin Nutr, Am J Clin Nutr, Am J Physiol, Int J Obesity, Br J Nutr, Nutr Reviews, Obesity Reviews, Obesity Research, Diabetes, Food & Research, Clinical Obesity.
  • Member of the Editorial board for the International Journal of Obesity


Chair and Memberships:

  • President of the Danish Association for the Study of Obesity, DSAF (2010-2012)
  • Secretary of the Danish Association for the Study of Obesity, DSAF (1994-1998)
  • Member of Øresund Food Network - Steering group for Food and Health (2001-2003)
  • Member of the EU network “Flair-flow Europe” (1995-2003)
  • Member of the Danish Nutrition Council (2001-2004) 
  • Member of the scientific associations: Danish Cancer Society (1985 - ), Danish Cardiology Society (1985-), Danish Association for the Study of Obesity (1991 – ), Danish and European Diabetes and Obesity Associations (1994 - ), Danish Nutrition Society (1985 - )
  • Chairman and moderator at several meetings and conferences nationally and internationally.



  • Nominated for the VIII Edition of the prize “Alimentacion y Salud” of the University of Navarra (2012)
  • "Young Investigators Award" for Clinical Research, the European Associa­tion for the Study of Obesity, 8th European Congress on Obesity, Dublin (1997)
  • Edith and Valborg Larsen's Foundation: “Awarded­ to a woman who after university degree has started interesting research” (1995)
  • Lecture prize, the Danish Endocrinology­ Socie­ty (1993)
  • Lecture and abstract prize, the Danish Association for the study of Obesity (1991



  • Assessor of 13 Ph.D. theses nationally and internationally.
  • Currently main supervisor of 4 and co-supervisor of 3 Ph.D.students.
  • Course responsible and co-responsible for 2 Ph.D. courses (2014 - ).
  • Course responsible and teacher at Master Course in Human Nutrition: “Nutritional Study design and assessment methods” Univ Cph, and Nutrition Physiology (1990 – 2003, 2012-).
  • Teacher at courses in Bachelor in Food and Nutrition and Master in Nutrition, Univ Cph (1990-2003, 2010 - ).
  • Superviser for Bachelor and Master students (1990-2003, 2010 - )



  • Assessor of Professorship: Oslo University, April 2013.University of Copenhagen, March  2014
  • Assessor of Professorship, NEXS, University of Copenhagen, UCPH, 2014, 2015, 2016.


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