Ulrika K. Stigsdotter

Ulrika K. Stigsdotter


  • Landscape Architecture, Planning and Society

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Ulrika K. Stigsdotter is Professor (MSO) of Landscape Architecture with special responsibilities in Health Design. As a landscape architect she received her PhD degree from the Department of Landscape Planning Alnarp, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), where she also completed her graduate studies. Her background is in Landscape Planning and Art History for which she holds two undergraduate degrees from SLU and Lund University.

Ulrika leads a multidisciplinary and international research group called ‘Nature, Health & Design. In this context, she guides innovative research within a wide range of current research trends on interactions between man, human health and the natural environment.

Ulrika’s research has mostly an applied perspective and is aimed at scientists, practitioners and students. As such, her research expertise provides evidence to guide policy makers, city planners, landscape architects, and therapists in translating gained knowledge into practice. Her research and teaching has its foundation in Evidence-Based Health Design (EBHD), which is a process that calls for landscape architects to make practice decisions based on integrating best available research evidence and proven experience with their practice expertise and knowledge of client attributes.

In line with her academic work Ulrika is active as project leader and responsible landscape architect for the Nature, Health & Design Laboratory, which is a collective name for (currently) two research-, development-, and demonstration projects located in the Hørsholm Arboretum: The Health Forest Octovia® (www.octovia.dk) (2014) and The Therapy Forest Garden Nacadia® (www.nacadia.dk) (2011).  She is also one of the pioneering landscape architects behind the Rehab. Garden at Alnarp Campus (SLU) (2000) and the Solberga park in Stockholm (1999) and is involved in the design guidelines behind the healing garden at Dannerhuset in Copenhagen (2012).


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