Steen Larsen

Steen Larsen

Associate Professor

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Since I started as an Assistant Professor in 2015, I have set up a great laboratory for running mitochondrial analysis in different tissues. This has ended up in 100+ scientific publications in journals such as Diabetologia, Nature Communications, ACTA Physiologica or Journal of Physiology. I am regularly being invited to give talks at different conferences (European College of Sport Science; American College of Sports Medicine).

Primary fields of research

My research primarily focuses on understanding how different interventions (exercise, diet, drugs) related to lifestyle changes whole body metabolism and mitochondrial function (with a focus on skeletal muscle and adipose tissue). My laboratory are primarily focusing on studying human subjects, but sometimes also using different animal models.

Current research

1: How does semaglutide treatment affects mitochondrial function?

2: How does exercise training affect mitochondrial function in patients with type 2 diabetes?

3: Is statin treatment and exercise a good combination?

4: Does Coenzyme Q10 supplementation have a beneficial effect on older people?

5: How does antidepressive medication affects mitochondrial function?


I am teaching Medical students at 4th and 5th semester. I am supervising bachelor as well as master students every semester. At the moment I am supervising four PhD students.

The Larsen group focus primarily on human integrative physiology in health and disease. Our main interest is on mitochondrial physiology and how this is affected with disease and by exercise training. We are looking at the whole body down to the mitochondria.

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