Søren Marcus Pedersen

Søren Marcus Pedersen

Associate Professor


MSc 1993 from University of London, cand. agro 1995 from KVL (now KU-LIFE) and PhD from the Technical University of Denmark


Senior researcher since 2004 and researcher at FOI 1996-2004. Guest resercher at Silsoe Reserch Institute, UK, projectassistent at the Danish Agricultural Council 1995-1996


Curently working with technology assessment, production economics and research evaluation.


Course responsible of Technology Assessment and teacher in Biosystems engineering at KU-LIFE. Previously teacher in economics at DTU.

Administrative tasks

Workpackage leader in the following EU research projects: Future Farm, SAFIR and FERTORGANIC. Censor at DTU and KU-LIFE. Board member of Nordic Association of Agricultural Sciences, section IX, Agricultural Economics,

Possible conflicts of interest

Søren has collaboration with employees from various agri-technical companies, food production sectors and related sectors and NGO’s, typically via externally funded projects from EU or national funds. The representatives from the private companies and organisations are often partners in the projects or serve as an advisory capacity to the projects. Søren also conducts research and advisory projects funded by the Ministry of Environment and Food and Ministry of Foreign affairs following contractual procedures agreed between the University of Copenhagen and the Ministry. In all the projects above, Søren acts as an employee of the University of Copenhagen and does not receive any remuneration from the external partners.

Søren has from time to time been appointed by various Danish courts and after suggestion from the University of Copenhagen as an expert (DK: skønsmand) in cases about production economic issues. For these assignments, he receives remuneration.  


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