Sara Green

Sara Green

Associate Professor

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    I work as associate professor at the Section for History and Philosophy of Science at the Department of Science Education, where I'm head of the Research group on History and Philosophy of Science.


    Research interests

    My research focuses on the epistemic and social implications of datafication in science and medicine, with special focus on personalized or precision medicine. 

    I'm PI of the research project "Philosophy of Personalized Medicine in Practice" (PROMISE), an empirically informed philosophical analysis of the how personalized medicine affects primary care practice. Moreover, I’m part of the research project “Personalized Medicine in the Welfare State”, MeInWe, at the Center for Medical Science and Technology Studies in Copenhagen (PI: Mette Nordahl Svendsen). In this context, I explore how and whether more “precise” health-related knowledge about individuals can be established from data on the many, and how notions of health, disease and the person are shaped through data. I also explore this research interest as a member of the EU-funded project DataSpace (PI: Klaus Hoeyer) focusing on the implications of cross-border health data infrastructures. 

    My research interests also include discussions on how to deal with the complexity of human disease through studies of animal models as well as new replacement technologies, such as patient-derived organoids and organ-on-chip technologies. I study the latter through my affiliation with the EU-funded project HYBRIDA, based at the Centre for Medical Ethics at the University of Oslo.

    I'm associate editor of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science and editor of the newsletter for the Society of Philosophy of Science in Practice.

    You can also find me on Academia and Research gate.  


    About me

    I have a background in philosophy and biology and a PhD in Science Studies from Aarhus University. My previous research explored the philosophical implications of research strategies in systems biology, with special focus on the quest for general principles of biological organization and the application of engineering approaches to study living systems. In the academic year of 2014/2015 I was a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science at University of Pittsburgh. 


    Teaching and supervision

    I teach philosophy of science courses for science students from biology, the chemical sciences, and sports science. I supervise projects on philosophy of biology and medicine and co-supervise projects on science communication. 

    ID: 138358526