Rune Iversen

Rune Iversen

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

The Neolithic, Neolithic art, 4th and 3rd millennium BC, the Early Neolithic, Middle Neolithic and Late Neolithic, earliest Bronze Age, material and cultural boundaries, continuity and change, cultural diversity and identity, migration, archaeolinguistics.

Current research

  • The Neolithic in northern Europe and associated migration patterns, incl. aDNA.
  • Research project: Deep histories of migration: the early Neolithic around the North Sea financed by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (IRFD, Grant 0132-00022B), 2021-2025.
  • Introduction of Indo-European languages in the North European Neolithic. Research collaboration with Guus Kroonen, Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics/Leiden University.
  • The Corded Ware horse project.
  • The Pitted Ware culture in Scandinavia, e.g. in collaboration with East Jutland Museum.
  • Various aspects of Neolithic art.


I teach several courses at BA and MA level including: Archaeology, period 3 (Neolithic and Bronze Age in Denmark and Northern Europe); Archaeological Documentation and Analysis; Archaeological Field Techniques and Excavation; Introduction to Archaeology; European Connections; Scandinavian Archaeology.

Supervision of MA theses

I mainly supervise theses concerning the Neolithic and Bronze Age but also more methodological and theoretical theses that run across the traditional archaeological periodization.

I have supervised 14 theses since 2016.

PhD and Postdoc supervision

Mikkel Johansen Nørtoft (PhD): Social dynamics in Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe: Investigating the male-dominance narrative through archaeology, aDNA, and linguistics.

Mathias Paul Bjørnevad-Ahlqvist (postdoc): Deep histories of migration: the early Neolithic around the North Sea.

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