Ole Kim Hansen

Ole Kim Hansen

Associate Professor

Ole K. Hansen has worked with quantitative and molecular genetic aspects of forest trees since 1996. Bachelor of Science in forestry (1996) with a thesis in quantitative genetics of Christmas trees. Master of Science in forestry (1999) - thesis in genecological zonation of Pinus merkusii through multivariate statistics. Three years work as research assistant - mainly within Christmas tree breeding. During his PhD (2002-2005 - DNA markers in Abies nordmanninana) he got comprehensive experience with development and use of DNA markers for population genetic studies. Among other things the postdoctoral work has combined parentage analysis through DNA markers and quantitative genetic analysis.

Teaching at two courses at the Faculty of Life Sciences, KU ('Genetics' course no. 240066 and 'molecular genetics' course no. 240066). Is part of a group which several times has offered a PhD course in population genetics: 'Molecular marker analysis of plant population structure and processes' with high international participation.

Current research interests

• Functionality and genetics of clonal seed orchards

• Establishment of Quasi-field trials as a breeding tool for trees

• Development of DNA markers in woody species

• The genetic consequences of domestication of woody species


ID: 4237313