Merle Friederike Fenner

Merle Friederike Fenner

Assistant Professor

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    Born and raised in Flensburg near the German-Danish border, I obtained the veterinary degree (DVM) in 2015 at the University  of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany, before started working at the University of Copenhagen - first as PhD student and now as postdoc.

    Current research

    In September 2019 I defended my PhD project "Establishing a chronic AF horse model for studying the role of K+ channels in the heart"at the Departement of Large Animal Sciences, Section Medicine and Surgery, University of Copenhagen as part of the research group of Pforessor Rikke Buhl.

    My PhD fellowship was EU funded by MARIE SKŁODOWSKA-CURIE ACTIONS (Innovative Training Networks (ITN),Call: H2020-MSCA-ITN-2015) and was part of the international training network "AFibTrainNet". 

    Pursuing my love for translational research I am now potdoc at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and part of the reserach group "(Animal) stem cells and embryology" of professor Poul Hyttel and associate professor Kristine Freude.

    As postdoc I'm part of the research project "EggGlobe - The egg’s nucleolar sphere - the globe of life: Molecular studies of nucleolar inheritance" (funded by the Independent Research Fund) is an international consortium (Denmark, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia) interested in fundamental basics of embryonic development.


    During my PhD i have participated in clinical teaching of veterinary students at the Large Animal University Hospital at Taastrup campus and co-supervised 3 master students, that were writing their thesis about parts of my project.

    As postdoc at the Department of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Sectiom Pathobiological Sciences, I am actively involved in teaching anatomical courses on bachelor and master level.

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