Lene Møller Madsen

Lene Møller Madsen

Associate Professor

Member of:

  • University Science Education

  • Equity in Science Education

I am trained as a human geographer with a strong profile within the geo-profession. For the last 15 years, I have worked within the field of science education. Here, I have special focus on the disciplines of geography and geology both concerning the learning of content and the meaning of cultures in these educations. The focus in my research is on student’s learning processes and students’ ways of becoming members of disciplinary science educations; hence academic and social integration, identity processes, spatial thinking skills, and the use of fieldwork are research areas within which I have substantial publications. I have extensive fieldwork experience in both Danish and African cultures within educational systems. I am a qualitative researcher having a thoroughly experience in using a variety of qualitative methodologies as well as publishing and giving PhD-courses in qualitative methodologies. 

A substantial part of my profession includes teaching and working with faculty. I work with teacher training for science teachers both giving courses at the university to students (‘Introduction to science didactics’ and ‘Geography didactics’) and being responsible for the research-link in the group of high school science teachers that teach the subject specific didactical courses for new science teachers in the Danish high school system. I have since 2011 been a pedagogical supervisor for assistants professors and postdocs developing their teaching practice through dialogue and observations. I give courses in supervision of students and introduction to university pedagogies. Besides, I have for the last 10 years, been involved in a number of science faculty training projects in West and East African Universities initiating development work at departments and working with teaching practice. 

ID: 9319