Katrine Røhder

Katrine Røhder

Associate Professor

Office hours: Thursdays 11:00-12:00

Current research

My research is focused on parenting and early intraction between mothers and their infant - especially when parenting or the interaction is challenged or problemtic. I am interested in understanding risk and resilience factors related to the parent, the infant or the dyadic quality.  and how they affect the development of healthy early relations between parents and their infants that support the infants´ development. Theoretically, I am inspirered bty attachment theory and evelopmental psychopathology. 

As part of the WARM study (Wellbeing And Resilience: Mechanisms of transmission of health and risk in parents with complex mental health problems and their offspring) I have explored perinatal motherhood among women with severe mental illness. My research explored the special developmental task related to the woman´s transformation of her internal representations related to motherhood  (prenatal caregiving representations).

In my current research I am interested in the early socio-emotional development of infants at risk of developing cerebral palsy. In addition, I´m interested in the significance of parents´ internal represetations of their child for the development of children with congenital disability. I´m also interested in early parenting interventions targeting this groups of parents.

Finally, I´m involved in developing prenatal screeninginstruments and preventive interventions, that can support parenting already during pregnancy. 

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