Jette Seiden Hyldegård

Jette Seiden Hyldegård

Associate Professor

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    Primary fields of research

    My research focuses on human interaction and behavior related to information access and use (or non-use) in different contexts such as design processes, groups and teams or in connection with everyday life situations.
    I am interested in how conceptual models and frameworks in relation to research and design processes can contribute understanding of people's information interaction and use (or non-use), and inspiration for how we can study information behavior in these processes.
    I study primarily learning environments and students' information interaction and behavior in that context.

    Keywords: Human and user oriented information studies, Human information interactions, Information seeking models and behaviour, Sense-making, Information literacy, Information avoidance, Life transitions (e.g.  International students), Group supervision and peer-feedback, Value creation in design processes about/for/via entrepreneurship.

    Member of the section and research group: Information Science & Technologies (IS&T).

    Studies and projects (in selection)

    • Information behavior and practice in everyday life transitions (2020-)
      Research collaboration with a focus on people's information behavior and practices in relation to identity-changing life transitions and derived research questions. This research is run by an informal international network consisting of Pamela Mckenzie, Alison Hicks, Ian Ruthven, Jenny Bronstein, Gunilla Widén and Jette Seiden Hyldegård.
    • Value Across: Value creation in entrepreneurial processes in teaching and educational development across disciplines on the university campus (2020-/2023-)
      The project consists of two parts: 1) the development of a didactic model for value creation in collaboration with Helle Meibom Færgemann, Center for Educational Development, Aarhus University (AU); and 2)
      a qualitative investigation of HE teachers' understanding of value and value creation, including how it is practiced in an entrepreneurial teaching context. The latter takes place in collaboration with Martin Lackêus from Chalmars Technical University and Helle Meibom Færgemann (AU).
    • Knowledge creation in groups - group supervision from a student perspective (2019-2023).
      The project was carried out in collaboration with associate professor Hanne Nexø Jensen, University of Copenhagen, and followed groups af master students at the University of Copenhagen while they were writing their thesis, and engaged in group and peer-supervision.

    • Innovation and entrepreneurship across universities (2020-2021)
      The focus of this project was to generate knowledge and insight for the development of a course (10ECTS) on innovation and entrepreneurship for teachers and head of studies at the University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark. The project is a collaboration between the two universities and is funded by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

    • International students' information behaviour abroad in an everyday life information seeking perspective (ELIS) (2015-2018)
      This research is carried out in collaboration with professor Morten Hertzum, University of Copenhagen.

    • Educational leaders' information behaviour and preferences (2015-2017)
    • Use of social media for information seeking (2013)

    •  User study and evaluation of three Norwegian Web tutorials for Information Literacy (IL) at 6 Higher Education Instiitutions in Norway (funded) (2010-2011).

    • Between myth and reality - a pilot study of Danish secondary school pupils' information seeking and practice (2009-2010)
      Case: a Danish secondary school.

    • Between individual and group - an investigation of group members' information behaviour in a study context (ph.d.-projekt). (2001-2006)


    • Information behaviour
    • Information literacy
    • Digital competence
    • Digital design
    • Design thinking and entrepreneurship
    • Usability and HCI
    • Project orientered processes (e.g. internship)
    • Qualitative methods 


    To students
    Before you start working on your assignment, project or thesis it can be useful to know how I see and understand my role as supervisor. I have described that in a 'supervision letter' including what you can expect from me and vice versa. You are welcome to request the supervision letter (just send me an email). At our first meeting we talk about how we should collaborate and agree on a plan for how to proceed. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions regarding supervision.


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