Henrik Siegumfeldt

Henrik Siegumfeldt

Associate Professor

Member of:

    I work with both the positive and negative aspects of food microbiology, so my areas of interest cover fermentation, spoilage and pathogenicity of microorganisms.

    I teach general food microbiology, and I also participate in the teaching within Brewing Science and Dairy Microbiology 

    Apart from my research and teaching responsibilities, I am also Head of Studies for the MSc. studies in Food Science and Technology at the Faculty of Science.

    Primary fields of research

    • Bioimaging and single cell studies
    • Microbiological hygiene
    • Beer and Wine microbiology


    • General Food microbiology
    • Fermented products, including beer, wine, cultured milk products and novel fermented products
    • Spoilage and microbial hygiene 

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