Daria Morgounova Schwalbe

Daria Morgounova Schwalbe


I am a linguistic anthropologist, whose research focuses on indigenous (Inuit) peoples in the Russian Federation and the United States, language and media ideologies, health communication, emotions and mental health. I received my Ph.D. from the University of Copenhagen in 2010. Before joining ENGEROM in 2022, I have worked at several Danish institutions and NGOs on such research topics as Danish-Russian cultural relations, gas extraction in Russia (Yamal LNG) and indigenous rights, and health communication and competency development in healthcare.

Research-wise, I am preoccupied with understanding the relationship between cultural context, human interaction and cognitive processes, and with how cultural factors and language effect human behavior and thinking. I am also interested in ways colonial/soviet and postcolonial/ post-soviet ideologies and collective feelings have been used by the state to penetrate subjectivities, and how it shapes people’s worldviews, life trajectories, personalities and practices. Currently, I am investigating the emerging Covid-19 mental health literature and media ideologies in the Russian context, as part of a larger project, ‘Covid-19 and global mental health: the Importance of cultural contexts’.


Key Research Areas:

Linguistic and cultural anthropology

Medical anthropology

Cognitive ethnography

Cultural encounters

Language ideologies



Multilingual practices

Health communication

Minority-majority relations

Russian-Danish cultural relations

Indigenous peoples

Yupik/Inuit/Eskimo languages

Mental health


Taught courses:

Culture & Cultural Economy, Copenhagen Business School

Qualitative methods, Project in International Business Communication, CBS

Global English & Intercultural Communication, International Marketing Communication, CBS

CSR & Business Ethics, BSc in European Business

Intercultural communication & management, English and Corporate Communication & International Marketing Communication, CBS

Language, Culture & Society, DPU, Aarhus University

Second Language Pedagogy (Pragmatics), DPU, Aarhus University

Language & Cultural Encounters, University of Copenhagen

Ethnic Conflict in Modern States, University of Copenhagen

Anthropology: Danish Polar explorers & ethnic minorities in Russia, Peoples University

Inuit Culture & Society, University of Copenhagen

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