Bill Vestergaard

Bill Vestergaard

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    Current research

    Early knowledge of pharmacokinetics and metabolic patterns is of great value in the selection of drug candidates to move further in the drug development process. Insight into the metabolic patterns can be obtained by the use of ex vivo perfusion models, cell culture and many other in vitro methods, but all in vitro methods lack the complexity of the whole body. Animal models lacking a major organ of excretion such as the kidneys or the liver holds a potential as a preclinical pharmacokinetic tool for evaluation of metabolic patterns. These models will be able to account for the whole body complexity and still be able reveal key features in the clearance mechanism, whereas intact animals often give raise to pharmacokinetic profiles, which are too complex to evaluate specific clearance pathways.

    My main research area of interest is establishment and validation of surgical rat models with removal or devascularization of a major excretion organ. Pharmacokinetic profiles are used for evaluation of clearance and the relative importance on clearance of the organ of interest.


    Teaching on the pharmacokinetic exercises on the course: Sygdomslære og Farmakologi

    Teaching on the practical exercises on the courses: Lab Animal Science cat B, Lab Animal Science cat C and veterinary medicine, biomedicine dif, modul 2b

    Fields of interest

    Labroratory animal science, preclinical pharmacokinetics, microsurgery in rats and drug metabolism

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