Anders Søndberg Sørensen

Anders Søndberg Sørensen



2012-        Professor, the Niels Bohr InstituteUniversity of Copenhagen

2004-2012: Associate professor, the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

2002-2004: Post Doc., Institute for Theoretical Atomic and Molecular Physics (ITAMP), Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

2001-2002: Post Doc., Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Århus.


2001: Ph.D. in physics, University of Århus.

1999: Master of Science in physics and chemistry, University of Århus.

Awards :

2012: ERC starting grant for research on Quantum interfaces and open systems. 10.7 MDkr.

2011: Jens Martin Award: Received the teaching award of the Niels Bohr Institute 2011. The award is named after Jens Martin Knudsen (Danish astrophysicist). 

2007:Silver medal and price of Dkr 100.000 from the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters. The medal is awarded each year to a under the age of 40. The recipients alternate between science and humanities.

2003: Finalist in DAMOP (Division of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society) outstanding doctoral thesis award. 

Conferences and schools organized

Ph.D. School on Quantum and Non-Linear Optics. Hven, Sweden, August 2008.

Solid state quantum information systems. Workshop at the Niels Bohr International Academy. Organized in collaboration with Karsten Flensberg. Copenhagen, Denmark, June-July 2007.

Continuous Variable Quantum Information Workshop. Workshop organized by Eugene Polzik, Nicolas Cerf and Anders S. Sørensen. Copenhagen, Denmark, May 


Mesoscopic Physics, Quantum Optics, and Quantum Information Itamp workshop organized by Mikhail Lukin, Charles Marcus, and Anders S. Sørensen. Cambridge, Ma., May 2004.

Other activities

Chairman of Colloquium committee: main organizer of Niels Bohr Lectures and
Niels Bohr institute colloquiums, summer 2006-summer 2009. 

Steering committee QNLO: member of the steering committee of the research education program Quantum and nonlinear opics (QNLO) aiming at improving the Ph.D. education in quantum and nonlinear optics at the Danish Technical University and the University of Copenhagen. Summer 2007-

Editorial board Physical Review A: member of the editorial board of Physical Review A, 2009-

Research highlights

New methods to implement quantum gates between trapped ions. We developed the theory for a new method to implement quantum gates between different trapped ions in an ion trap. The gates we developed have been very successfully implemented in a number of ion trap laboratories around the world, and is currently the preferred method in most experimental groups. Our theory thus form the foundation of the most advanced experimental system for quantum computation.

Quantum optics with surface plasmons. We showed theoretically that a single emitter placed near a metallic nanowire form an ideal system for controlling single photons. The coupling thus obtained enables an efficient coupling of single emitters and single photons. Furthermore it can be used to obtain strong optical nonlinearities at the single photon level, paving the way for applications such as single photon
transistors. The ¿rst experiments have con¿rmed these theories and further experiments are underway in a number of places.

Entanglement with Bose-Einstein condensates. We showed theoretically that Bose-Einstein condensates could be used to generate quantum entanglement of atoms. These theories form the basis of recent experiments achieving such entanglement of atoms in Bose-Einstein condensates.

Optimizing quantum memories. Quantum memory for atomic ensembles is pursued in a number of laboratories around the world, but only a limited efficiency is achieved. We developed the theory for how to achieve the optimal efficiency given the available experimental resources, and this has subsequently been used to increase the efficiency achieved in experiments. In addition our theory provided a simpli¿ed and unifying picture of the underlying physics in these experiments.

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